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3-in-1 Ultrasound Cavitation Laser Tripolar Radio Frequency Thermal Machine

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  • Lipo laser cavitation RF slimming machine-laser cavitation head
  • Lipo laser cavitation RF slimming machine-laser multipolar RF head
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Product Description

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Item Name:3-in-1 Ultrasound Cavitation Radio Frequency Machine (check shipping cost)


Item No.: SE-C83


Download the User Manual of SE-C83

Functions and Benefits
1. New 40kHz Ultrasound Cavitation with Laser Lipolysis for Fat Cells Cracking and Breaking
Ordered and even ultrasound cavitation energy penetrates deeper, as deep as visceral fat deposit. Lipolysis Laser energy contributes the same benefits

2. Thermal Multipolar Radio Frequency with Laser Lipolysis for Fat Dissolve
(Seven-polar RF)Promote fat dissolving, tighten body skin, tighten orange peel, improve stretch marks, make cellulite less noticeable

3. Tripolar RF Facial
Lift face, tone face fat, smooth wrinkle, reduce jowls, tighten chin, promote collagen, etc


Exclusive Features
-Lipo Laser combines with Ultrasound Cavitation and work synchronously
There are 30pcs lipo laser lamps installed around on the ultrasound cavitation head. These laser lamps are very good quality and have no risk in maintenance. The lipo laser lights will work with the ultrasound cavitation in the same mode and the same pace. When you configure the cavitation settings, you will also complete the lipo laser lamps, which means you don't need to configure lipo laser settings separately again. Compare to other machines, this system will simultaneously utilize both the Ultrasound Cavitation strong wave and Lipolysis Laser energy to impact the cellulite and fat cells. It has done 2 typs of fat reduce treatments. Obviously, this machine will faster reduce fat.

se-c83 lipo laser cavitation treatment head

-Lipo Laser works with Multipolar Radio Frequency
Like it does on the ultrasound cavitation head, 30pcs red lipo laser lamps are also installed around on the multipolar RF treatment head. The radiofrequency thermal energy and lipolysis laser energy will work together synchronously to reduce and dissolve fat in a higher efficiency than the last generation models. 

se-c83 lipo laser RF fat reduction head

-Developed Ultrasound Cavitation Technology, more user-friendly than the old models
User-friendly is the second most importance that we develop this new system. We have paid much effort on improving the cavitation effecting and users' comfort to the cavitation treatment. And we achieve this goal now.

(1) More ordered and much evener ultrasound cavitation wave. The old models utilize "wild" 40kHz ultrasound for the cavitation treatment. On those models, the cavitation head bursts out the 40kHz ultrasound from the central spot. Accordingly, the ultrasound cavitation wave is not so ordered. However, in this new system, the 40kHz ultrasound will be issued from up to 85% of the cavitation metal head area. It is much evener and more ordered. More ordered wave means Better Penetration. How to simply test it? Still, drop a little bit water on the cavitation head and turn it on to check the water reaction. The classic reaction from the old models is that the water will atomize fiercely. Rather than bursting and atomizing, this new system will evenly ripple from the water drops, which you can see like energy coming issuing out from inner of the water. And the ripple is tending to cohere.

How ultrasound cavitation reduce fat

(2) More powerful 40kHz ultrasound cavitation pulse wave. Since the ultrasonic cavitation waves are in better order, the waves can resonate and cause more powerful energy wave impacts to the stubborn cellulite and fat tissue. When the cavitation head is moving on the body, users can obviously feel the energy wave vibration. All these will contribute to better effect in breaking fat cells.

(3) Minimized tinnitus/syrigmus. Hunderds of users complain about the ultrasound cavitation sould wave so wildly singing in the head that they feel uncomfortable during the cavi lipo treatment. Some would feel it worse and some feel it less noisy, though. And NOW, this problem is settled on this new machine. The ultrasound cavitation wave from this new system is no longer a soundwave "bomb" in your head. Although the tinnitus/syringmus syndrome would vary from individuals, in this machine, users are basically no need to tolerate the ultrasound cavitation wave noise in the head any more. It is much more user-friendly and much comfortable and safer for home users.


How multipolar RF treatment works on fat reduce


We make the installation easy and we have the necessary tool attached

cavitation machine tools

Technical Parameters
-Voltage: 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
-Power: 180 W
-Cavitation Frequency: 40kHz
-RF Frequency: 5M
-Control Panel: Touch Screen
-Package Size: 49 x 43 x 38.5 cm
-G.W.: 10 kg




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-UK, Western Europe: Free Shipping 7-9 days
-Australia: Free Shipping 7-9 days
-Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Southeastern Asia: Free Shipping 7-9 days
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Warranty Information

1-year Warranty

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