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About Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming

Why ultrasonic cavitation anti-cellulite treatment is better than liposuction surgery? Because ultrasonic cavitation treatment can get rid of both the superficial fat and visceral fat deposite, while liposuction can only suck the superficial fat tissue.

If you have a typical pear shape with most fat deposit around the bottom and legs, liposuction can magically help you remove the excess fat instantly.

However, if you are apple shape, which has a fat problem around the waist and upper body, liposuction will not be able to deal with the fat depositing viscerally. And the visceral fat is the real reason leading to obesity and type II diabetes(NIDDM). Liposuction results last shorter among the apple shape groupe.

Fortunately, ultrasonic cavitation treatment can gradually remove the visceral fat, as well as the superficial fat beneath skin.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment does it work

What is ultrasonic cavitation cellulite treatment

Cavitation Cellulite Treatment before after 1

Cavitation Cellulite Treatment before after 2

Ultrasonic Cavitaiton Liposuction is one of the most effective high-tech non-surgical lipo cellulite treatment. To get rid of the cellulite, the ultra cavitation machine generates 40kHz strong ultrasound and penetrates to the cellulite tissue. The strong ultrasound microvibrates the fat cells in high frequency, which produces numerous vacuum air pockets(cavitation effect).

This effect will break the fat cells membrane so that the triglyceride is released from the fat cells. The triglyceride will be elimilated from the body by metabolism naturally in the coming weeks. After the cavitation treatment, the number of fat cells will decrease and the cellulite will be reduced. The body shape will become inches smaller magically.

The ultrasonic cavitation power can work just on the target fat tissue. In this way, clients can attain a molded body curve according to their wishes.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment applications: arms, abdomen, waist, buttocks, legs, thigh, etc


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If you are the first time with ultrasound cavitation treatment, please read this post to check how it feels.





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