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5 in 1 Ultrasound Cavitation RF treatment machine operation instruction

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In the past 10 years, both 40kHz Ultrasound Cavitation and 5MHz Radio Frequency have been proved to be very effective in fat reducing and slimming. Combining both treatments will make the results even better and longer lasting. To fit for this demand, the machines are developed having Ultrasound Cavitation feature and RF feature. Further detailed features are also developed to fit for the operation area, such as body RF probe, face RF probe, etc. Some machines may also combine the features like BIO Microcurrent, Vacuum Massage Reshaper, etc. The combinations can promote the results. The other hand, it also helps the SPA owners reduce their budget in the investment but can even fulfill more treatments.

ultrasound cavitation RF treatment results before after

But now it comes the big question: How to use Ultrasound Cavitation Vacuum Radio Frequency machine to reduce fat and What is the correct sequence to use all those features? Let's firstly check on what features are combined.

ultrasound cavitation lipo treatment results before after

The most popular system is the 5-in-1 Ultrasound Cavitation RF machine. But each version of 5-in-1 system may have difference in combination of those 5 features. However, it basically can be sorted into 2 types. Now let's interpret the operation instruction of each version.

ultrasound cavitation fat reduce how it works

The first type: 40kHz Ultrasound Cavitation + Vacuum + Body RF + Facial RF(bipolar) + BIO Microcurrent


-Ultrasound Cavitation Probe is to break fat cells so that the fat deposit is destroyed

-Vacuum Head is to reshape the body contour and smooth cellulite orange peel uneven skin surface

-Body RadioFrequency(multipolar) Probe is to promote fat metabolism and dissolve fat and also promote collagen to tighten body skin

-Facial RF(bipolar) Probe is to promote facial collagen to tighten the skin and remove fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pores

-Microcurrent Face Lift Wand is to promote bioactivities to improve nutrition absorption, promote collagen and EGF and repair, regular oiling

5in1 ultrasound cavitation vacuum RF machine instruction

How to use?

Actually all the 5 features are not entirely used for body fat loss treatment. The cavitation probe, the vacuum head and the body RF probe are used for body. And the facial RF probe and microcurrent wand are used for face.

microcurrent facials treatment operation instruction

And the usage sequence for the body fat reduce and slimming is:

-First, Ultrasound Cavitation Probe

-Second, Vacuum Head

-Third, Body RF Probe

vacuum cellulite shaping treatment how it works

The theory basis of the operation steps is that the ultrasound cavitation effect will be more effective on intact fat cells so it should use for the first step. Then the fat tissue become a mass, including completely destroyed and semi-destroyed fat cells and the still-standing ones and the free fatty acid and glycerides. The density of the fat deposit just been operated becomes unequal. Without proper further caring, this may be tended to form orange peel. So the second step Vacuum Reshaping is very necessary. This procedure is like shaking a basket full of potatos with different sizes. The shaking will conduct the smaller ones go down to the bottom and the bigger ones remain on the top. The basket also reserves more volumn because those potatos are regulated much more neatly. 

Vacuum Fat Reduce and Relocating Treatment

The Vacuum Reshaping movement is almost the same. It regulates fat cells with different sizes to a neater and tidier "array" and compact the volumn. By then, the inch(volumn) is visibly reduced some already. The third(final) step by the Body RF is to anchoredly dissolve the remaining fat(promote the on-site fat metabolism 5MHz frequently), which will contribute to a smaller volumn and less fat deposit. (Click here to learn more about Why the Vacuum should be used before RadioFrequency)

ultrasound cavitation RF machine operation instruction

Regarding the face features(Facial Bipolar RF & BIO Microcurrent Wand), they can be used individually accordingly to the skin problems. They can also combine in one session. In this case, the correct procedure is First the Facial Bipolar RF probe, Second the Microcurrent Facial wand. (Learn more about RadioFrequency VS Microcurrent Facials at this article)

Microcurrent facials treatment results before after

The second type: 40kHz Ultrasound Cavitation + Vacuum + Body RF + Medium RF(4-polar) + Facial RF(tripolar)


-Ultrasound Cavitation Probe is to break fat cells so that the fat deposit is destroyed

-Vacuum Head is to reshape the body contour and smooth cellulite orange peel uneven skin surface

-Body RadioFrequency(multipolar) Probe is to promote fat metabolism and dissolve fat and also promote collagen to tighten body skin

-Medium RF(4-polar) Probe is to reduce fat on area like the arms, cheeks, forehead, neck

-Facial RF(tripolar) Probe is to promote facial collagen to tighten skin, lift up face contour, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pores

5in1 cavitation RF vacuum machine operation instruction

How to use?

Similarly, not all those 5 features are entirely used for body fat loss treatment. The cavitation probe, the vacuum head and the body RF probe are used for body. The 4-polar RF probe can be used for arms, neck. And the facial tripolar RF probe is used for face, chin and neck.

The usage sequence and theory basis for the body fat reduce and slimming are completely the same as the first type:

-First, Ultrasound Cavitation Probe

-Second, Vacuum Head

-Third, Body RF Probe

radio frequency fat reduce treatment operation instruction

As for the face features, it is purely Radio Frequency Facials treatment, so simply use the Tripolar RF facial probe for the face skin tightening and face contour lifting, as well as the neck wrinkle reducing----only one procedure.

tripolar RF facial treatment operation instruction

Operation Skills

For a professional esthetician, practised skills is so necessary. It not only proves you are professional and reliable, but also insures an optimize results.

cavitation RF treatment operation skills instruction

Operation skills from estheticians may have varyings but have the same principles that the proper energy should be delivered to the targeted tissue evenly and sufficiently.

How often to fulfill a session?

Let's talk about the Body Treatent as example.

Ultrasound Cavitation, RadioFrequency, Vacuum, have different usage frequence from each other. Respectively speaking, the (separated)usage frequences of them are as follow(not for maintenance period):

-Ultrasound Cavitation: Once per 5-10 days

-RadioFrequency: Once per 15-25 days

-Vacuum: Once per 2-4 days

So, if you own a fat loss machine including features of the Lipo Cavitation, RF and Vacuum and you want to get the best results with fewest sessions in the shortest period, your fulfillment schedule can be as follow(for reference):

cavitation RF treatment how often a session

Click/Tap the following images to choose a most-recommended Ultrasound Cavitation RF Vacuum System

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If you have any further questions, please feel free to click/tap Contact Us here.

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