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How to configure the correct Modes/Programs of Ultrasound Cavitation RF machine?

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Usually the Ultrasound Cavitation Fat Reduce machines have a setting allowing you to select a "Mode". Many customers don't know what the "Modes" are used for and how to select the suitable one. 

Ultrasound Cavitation Wave Modes/Programs Types

The "Modes" is also known as "Programmes", "Wave Shapes", "Wave Pulses", "Wave Forms" or even "Wave Length". It is actually the emitting patterns of the ultrasound waves. The machine may have 3 to 4 pattern options for you to choose, but the wave modes can be sorted to 2 types: Contineous pattern and Pulse pattern. Accordingly, the Contineous pattern can be developed to absolute Contineous and interval Contineous. Also, the Pulse pattern can be developed to Long Pulse and Short Pulse. That's totally make up 4 pattern options and even more. Some manufacturers may combine interval Contineous and long Pulse, so this case will make up 3 options.

Ultrasound Cavitation Wave modes setting

Many estheticians always wonder what indications(syndromes) each Mode is used for. To find out the answer, please click/tap to check this post

How to select wave modes for ultrasound cavitation treatment

However, the ultrasound cavitation machine Modes are not so related to the syndromes of the patients. Instead, it is more related to the operation skills and gestures of the estheticians. In other words, which Modes/Pulse pattern to use depends on how the estheticians operate the lipo cavitation probe and what motions they prefer to fulfill. And, what types of operation skills/gestures to use is also up to targeted area. Let's interpret this matter with examples.

Ultrasound Cavitation Wave Programs for Abdomen

Operation on Abdomen and Waist

The tissue here is soft and there's no bone beneath. Some patients' tummy may become flat off when they lie down. As you press the Lipo Cavitation Probe here on, you may feel it sink off. So it is not so suitable to use long-moving skills. Instead, it is easier to use swirling skills. If you need to keep swirling the cavitation probe, use the Contineous Mode so that the ultrasound energy keeps penetrating to the fat tissue while the probe is being swirled on the target. 

Ultrasound Cavitation Wave Modes on abdomen

Once you swirl the probe enough on one spot, you will move it to the next spot beside and do the same operation. This is a non-pause movement and the estheticians may feel tired easily(as the lipo cavitation probe is a little heavy), so Long Pulse(or Interval Contineous) Mode is recommended. When it is within the pulse moment, the ultrasound energy is penetrating so you keep swirling the lipo cavitation probe on the targeted spot. Once the pulse is fully emitted, there's an interval before the next pulse comes on and you can move the probe to the next targeted spot. Wait until the next pulse comes up and start swirling the probe. The swirling rhythm should keep up with the pulse lasting. This mode allows you to have a short "break" between pulses. 

Ultrasound Cavitation Wave Pattern for waist

Also, some estheticians are used to use the other hand to push up the targeted tissue and press the probe to "stroke" it. This case is suitable to use the Pulse Mode. Long or short pulse to select depends on quick or slow you stroke. The moment you push the targeted tissue to the probe is the moment the pulse is penetrating.

Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment Modes and Skills

Operation on Thighs and Buttocks

The muscles on the thighs support the contour very well so the the thigh will keep its flat surface while the lipo cavitation probe is operating on it. So it is suitable for long moving skills and accordingly more recommended to use Contineous Mode. But when you need to emphase the ultrasound penetration on certain spots(such as the inner thighs), you can change to use the "Stroke" skills and Pulse Mode.

Ultrasound Cavitation Wave Modes for Thighs

Ultrasound Cavitation Wave Modes for thighs

Ultrasound Cavitation Wave Modes for buttocks

Operation on Arms

If the arm area is big and flat enough, use Contineous Mode and long moving skills. If it is a smaller arm, use Pulse Mode and use swirling skills.

Ultrasound cavitation wave modes for arms

Operation on Back

The back is flat and the tissue is well supported by the spine and ribs. Long moving skills and Contineous Mode are recommended.

Ultrasound Cavitation Wave Modes for the back

Ultrasound Cavitation Wave Modes Operation

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