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A New Developed Diamond Microdermabrasion Wand-with serum flowing through

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The following picture shows you the traditional type of diamond microdermabrasion machine wand. It is nothing else but a tube on which you fix on the diamond head at one end and connect to the vacuum hose at the other end.

diamond dermabrasion wand

But actually now, there's another new type of dermabrasion wand which is more creative and more useful. Let's see the image below.

In this picture, you can see this new diamond microdermabrasion machine wand has a space in it with a metal pipe through. It has two ports at one side. One port is connecting to vacuum hose. Within this port, it is connecting the metal pipe within the wand too. The other port is connecting to another hose from which comes with serum. Through this port, the serum will go in the space of the wand.

The other side of the wand is where you screw on the diamond head. From the detail picture, we know that the metal pipe actually has an outlet at this end. It is where it sucks the dead skin peeled off by the diamond tip.

There's 3 tiny holes next to the vacuum metal pipe outlet. The holes are where the serum(within the wand) comes out.

Now the process is very clear. First of all, the serum hose supplies with the serum. The serum goes in the wand and then goes out through the tiny holes at the other side. The released serum will shorty but continuously flow over the skin surface where there the diamond head is also exfoliating. Then the serum is collected by the vacuum metal pipe, which will be taken away to the container through the vacuum hose.

From the above presentation, we realize that the serum is continuously moisturizing the being-exfoliated skin surface while the diamond head is peeling along upon it.

This is perfectly good because of the following benefits.

1. The serum can prevent the skin surface from being over exfoliated and make the microdermabrasion feel more comfortable.

2. The serum is gentle to the skin, so it helps to lower the hypersensitivity. So this is very suitable for those who have tender skin but have to use diamond microdermabrasion for certain skin problems.

3. The serum takes with nutrition which can be absorbed more easily by the new-peeled skin.

4. It needn't use any cotton filters under the diamond head to collect the peeled off dead skin. the serum will take it away ending up in a container.

Obviously, this type of diamond peel wand is really a great development. It looks a bit like hydro dermabrasion-but it is not completely a hydro peel yet. Fortunately, this machine(SE-EM013) has both this type of diamond peel wand and a hydro microderm abrasion wand(2 in 1). This machine will fit for ALL skin types.

Check this model to learn more

Hydro Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion Machine

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