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Can EMS muscle stimulation tighten loose skin?

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Yes, EMS muscle stimulation treatment can help with skin tightening. How does it work?

Electrical muscle stimulation machine utilizes microcurrent to strengthen and build up muscle. The muscle will become stronger, tighter and leaner. It will fill up the loose skin so that it looks toned and neat. The EMS stimulation will make the muscle burn more fat. It makes the skin look skinny.

EMS treatment

So it is obvious that EMS muscle stimulation treatment doesn't effect on the skin itself. It effects on muscle and it is the strengthened muscle that make the loose skin become tightened. Unlike the radi ofrequency or microcurrent skin lifting treatment, EMS muscle stimulation doesn't promote collagen. It has limitation in skin tightening. To completely tighten and lift the loose skin without surgery, it is recommended to use Microcurrent FaceLift treatment or Radio Frequency Facial Machines.

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