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Can EMS Treatment Enhance My Breast Size?

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EMS Muscle Stimulation treatment can partly help to tighten the sagging breast and promote the breast shape. However, EMS treatment BARELY can enhance the breast size.

How EMS treatment works on promoting the breast shape and tighten it? It uses microelectricity to stimulate the muscle at the base(or root) of the breast(mainly the Pectoralis Major). The contracted muscle is strengthened and its shape becomes better looking. The strengthened pectoral muscle can nest the fat deposit in the beast better, which can tighten the breast and improve its shape.

EMS Breast Tightening

So, obviously the EMS treatment will do nothing to enhance the breast size. It doesn't do considerable goods in the non-surgical augmentation. However, EMS treatment can really improve the shape of the breast, which can make the breast's Not-Large-Enough problem less noticeable.

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