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Cavitation|RadioFrequency|Vacuum Handpieces, What is the correct use steps?

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----"My slimming machine has 40kHz ultrasound cavitation+Body Radio Frequency+Vacuum Suction features. What are the correct procedures to use all these 3 hand pieces for a complete fat loss and cellulite treatment?"

Cavitation RF Vacuum machine training

This is a frequently asked question by the doctors and therapists after they finally own a 3-in-1(cavitation RF vacuum) physical slimming machine. In fact, they are exactly wondering another question:

"Body RF and Body Vacuum head, which one should I use first?"

It is no doubt that the 40kHz ultrasound cavitation head should be used in the 1st step. The fat tissue would feel some softer if it is done by any procedure(even it is the manual massage). The ultrasound cavitation wave resonance effect to the fat cell membrane would be much better if the fat tissue is still initially tough.

40kHz cavitation how it removes fat

After using the ultrasound cavitation head in the first step, here comes the big wonder that "should I use body radio frequency head first or the vacuum body toning head".

Some points support the RF procedure should be done before the vacuum shaping. But sorry to say that this is Wrong! The vacuum toning head should be fulfilled before the body RF head.

Vacuum fat removing treatment instruction

After the cavitation operation, some fat cells are destroyed, some are partly destroyed but some are basically still intact. So they are of different sizes. If you use the body RF slimming head now, they will all become smaller in size and the body skin will be tightened just like you add a firmed cover on the fat. And the tissue(both fat and skin) become neat and toned. That should have been kind of perfect and some instant result has been visible. But if you go ahead with using the vacuum shaping head, you will just pull up the tightened skin to loosened and the fat tissue would bump up a little again. In this case, the vacuum will do no good but pull back the result.

Vacuum fat removal how it works

But if you use the vacuum suctioning head right after the cavitation fat cracking, the case will be apparently different. The vacuum suction will pull up the tissue. When the vacuum suction head moves back and forth, the tissue is being drawn too. This action will destroy the support structure around each fat tissue grid, which dramatically promotes the fat cells being metabolised much more easily. The back and forth movement also will help to redistribute the non-settled fat cells since the supporting structure is destroyed. 

Shake the potatoes to free up more room

Like you have many potatos of different sizes full in a basket. If you shake the basket, the smaller ones will go to the bottom and the bigger one will be left to the top. And more room will be reserved because the shaking helps to redistribute the potatos to fill up the room that fits their sizes most. By now you will find out the basket is not completely full yet. The following RF toning is like you use a cover added on the potatos so that they won't bump up. The potatos now are loaded neatly. 

Vacuum Cellulite smoothing treatment results before after

In fact, the fat tissue circumference will have been reduced partly right after finishing the vacuum fat redistribution procedure. With the coming radio frequency fat dissolving and tightening, the fat will be reduced further and become smaller, and the skin becomes toned and tightened. The cellulite orange peel surface would become less noticeable instantly.

Vacuum Fat Removal treatment results before after

Many therapists were fulfilling the incorrect procedures but their patients still gained results, just not optimized. This only proves how powerful and effective this treatment is.

Ultrasound RF vacuum fat reduce results before after

Once again, the correct and best fat reduce procedure should be Cavitation 1st-->Vacuum 2nd-->RadioFrequency 3rd.

-If it is a 2-in-1 machine, then please use Cavitation 1st and Body RF 2nd.

-If the 3-in-1 slimming machine is combined using with liposonix, then please use Cavitation 1st, Liposonix 2nd, Body Vacuum Shaping 3rd and Radio Frequency 4th. 

Please click here to learn more about the Cavitation RF Vacuum Machine operation instruction

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