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Diamond Tips Microdermabrasion VS Hydro Dermabrasion Facial Peel, Which is better?

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Comparision: Diamond Microdermabrasion VS Hydro Dermabrasion Peel

Functionally, Diamond peel and hydro peel(aqua peel) are both used to exfoliate dead skin, clean pores, promote regrowth, rejuvenate face skin texture. They both have similar operation gestures. They both settle the similar skin problems. Since both methods are working effectively all the time, it is not so meaningful just sitting here to compare which one is better to the other exclusively, especially after you own both systems.

Diamond Microdermabrasion and Hydro Peel tool

But their characteristics determine that they should use on different cases according to the skin types and the conditions. In fact, many therapists will combine both diamond microdermabrasion and hydro facial peel in so as to optimize the therapy results. Now let's see Advantages and Disadvantages of both facial peel methods.

Both diamond microdermabrasion and hydro facial are effective

1. Diamond Microdermabrasion:

Diamond microdermabrasion tips replacement


It utilizes refined diamond tips. The maximum exfoliating strength is sufficient. It has good performance in heavy dead skin, severe pigmentation, rough pores, as well as the other usual skin problems. Users can choose the diamond tips with various refinesses according to the skin conditions so as to get the best results and prevent the skin from being harmed by over exfoliating. It is recommended to use with products per the facial care purposes. This will ensure a smoother/gentler operation and less irritation to skin. The products can also supply the just-been-peeled skin with necessary essence and nutritions along the operation. Diamond microdermabrasion facial therapy needs less sessions than hydro peeling. Here are the Diamond Microdermabrasion Machines category.

Diamond microdermabrasion results before after


Overusing or improper operations will easily lead to skin injury. People with sensitive skin should be cautious to it. It would be much more ideal if the diamond microdermabrasion peel wand can have serum flowing through like the hydro peel type. Then the skin can be moisturized during the treatment operation. It will make the treatment more valuable to what the skin needs. And yes, there is such a diamond peel wand. Please check the below picture. 

Please tap/click the picture to learn more

Diamond microdermabrasion wand with hydro aqua

2. Hydro Dermabrasion Peel:

Hydro facial peel microdermabrasion how it works


It peels more gently as it uses serum or normal saline as the peeling medium, so it is very suitable for those with sensitive skin and tender skin codition. All through the process, the skin being peeled is covered by the serum, which can supply with plenty of nutritions and moiture and can decrease the scrubbing irritation to the skin. The water soluble essence in the serum is easier to be absorbed by the skin. Hydro peel is really the first choice to those with sensitive and dry skin, especially when it is used in dry seasons. 

Hydro Peel microdermabrasion results before after

hydro facial peel results before after

Also, hydro microdermabrasion works better in cleaning pores, comedos and blackheads. The hydro peel wand can be operated repeatedly(several) on the T-zone area. The repeated operation is very helpful to extract the blackheads up from the pores but without overpeeling the skin. And the surrounding serum helps to soften the pores, which makes the extraction easier. Since the pores are clear, the comedos will have lower risk to come up. And when the pores are reduced, the skin texture will look more smooth and younger.

Hydro facial peel microdermabrasion operation T-zone


Someone with heavy dead skin, severe pigmentation and rough pores should need more sessions to achieve satisfied results. To someone with sensitive skin, it is recommended to get rid of just about 60% T-zone pores per session. This can protect the skin being hypersensitive but still gain good result. Keep taking the hydro treatment, the blackhead will be removed finally. 

Hydro peel microdermabrasion blackheads before after

For those with closed pores, it is suggested to use hot steam vapor first to open and soften it before doing the hydro peel facials. This procedure is always helpful to any case.

It is obvious that one's advantages are complementary to the other's disadvantages. Accordingly, for a salon with different types of clients, or someone with complicated skin types, the most perfect combination is to have a system that includes both diamond microdermabrasion and hydro aqua peel and then use either or both relatively to the exact skin conditions when it is necessary. For more information, please check the category of Hydro Facial Machines here

microdermabrasion facials result before after

Hydro facial peel and diamond tips microdermabrasion have the same cautions, including:
-It is recommended to use ice mask, rejuvenation products after the treatment
-Avoid sunshine
-Avoid high temperature(so sauna is not allowed and don't move your face close to oven for a long while)
-Use cool water while you need to clean the face
-Do Not scratch or tear the skin while you feel itching during its rejuvenating
-Makeup is not recommended during its rejuvenating

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