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Does hydro peel machine just help with facial cleaning?

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OK, most therapists would deem the hydro peel facial machine as a facial cleaning machine? Indeed, it is helpful to clean the face. However, it does not just clean the face, but also clear the skin "Channel" which enables an "express way" of product absorption

by Products with Hands VS by Hydro Peel Machine

We used to do facial cleaning by applying products and the fingers scrub the face by circular motion. This is a traditional way that every customer is familiar with. Also it is a non-innovative way and you cannot ask for higher price. But if we use a machine to clean the face, the situation is obviously different. First, the service price becomes higher. Second, the machine can do some crucial things which it is not possible to do by just applying products

So what a hydro peel facial machine can do but common products can't? And what's the benefits?

Most people think the facial cleaning is to remove the dirt and grease and maybe even the dead skin. Yes, this is a facial cleaning can always do. However, this is not all for facial cleaning by hydro peel machine. The biggest problem for facial cleaning by products is that it can NOT clean the pores effectively. The grease and dirt are blocked in the pores. Without clearing the pores, the further essence after facial cleaning is not able to be penetrated. No matter how luxury essence is used, it just cannot be absorbed effectively because the pores are not cleared. Fortunately, the pores blocking problem is now able to settle by hydro peel facial machine.

hydro facial pores cleaning

Hydro peel facial machine utilizes vacuum to drive the solution flowing through the hose to the face surface and exfoliate the dead skin--Yes, it uses just solution rapidly flowing within the hydro facial wand to scrub the skin. It is gentle so it is even good for sensitive skin texture.

While the solution is scrubbing the face, the vacuum is always working to extract the dirt and grease from pores. After the therapy, the skin becomes moisturized, the blackheads are removed and the pores become clear.

Facial cleaning is the basic and necessary step for all the facial therapies. Not every therapist could realize there's something else more important in facial cleaning than just cleaning the grease and dirt. The most important is to clean and clear the pores so that the skin "channels" are opened. After knowing this, hydro peel facial cleaning therapy is not just a routine step but also a necessary procedure for almost all the comprehensive facial treatment. It is a crucial step that will be determine to the results of the following cares.

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