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Does Lymphatic Drainage treatment on the breasts help with breast hyperplasia?

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Yes! It is much helpful.

This treatment has home method and equipment method. The home method just needs to do some certain breast massage personally at home, while the equipment method needs to be done by professional therapist at the SPA or salon or hospital.

Home method is simple and convenient. It takes just little time per day. The most popular gestures is in this way: first raise your Right hand to touch the back of head also from the right side. Next, the Left hand--with the palm and thenar--starts to press and push the breast tissue(as much as possible) from the middle toward the right armpit. Finally, the left hand--with all finger pulps, press and pull toward left side just like you are taking it back. This is once. Do it the same way to the left breast. This set of gesture is recommended to be done for 30 times per day.

Also, here is another usual gesture set: first put the Left hand at the lower root of the Right breast. Next push the breast upward until to the upper root. This is once. Do it the same way to the left breast with the right hand. And repeat this gesture set for 30 times per day.

You can also mix both gesture sets at a time. You can do it while you sit there or stand or even lie there. It is recommended to do it every day or at least every other day. Only persist in doing it regularly would you gain benefits in preventing hyperplasia and lumps.

breast massage at home

The equipment method is that using a certain beauty machine(learn more) to massage the breast and improve the lymphatic drainage there. Usually the vacuum treatment is involved. The vacuum breast lymphatic drainage treatment is very effective. The patients feel very good after doing it. The vacuum head of the equipment has different sizes so as to fit the breast of all sizes. This also make it easier to use at the uneven area around the breasts and the armpits. The vacuum suction intensity is adjustable too so that it can make sure the patients' comfort. The vacuum suction will pull up the breast tissue. As the vacuum head slides over along, the breast tissue is pulled up along alternately. This type of massaging helps to squeeze the lymph(retained in lymph vessels) to the lymph nodes so that it is recycled to the blood circulation. The result is satisfied as this type of lymphatic drainage is powerful.

vacuum RF lymphatic drainage heads

The vacuum equipment has been configured with some vacuum patterns. The pattern options make the operation even easier. Some vacuum heads can also have radio frequency heating function. This is a great feature as it can strongly help to promote the blood circulation and lymph drainage. Also, which is more important, that the radio frequency can tighten the breast and stop sagging.

Use a powerful vacuum beauty equipment to help with the breast lymphatic drainage is a professional treatment via a professional therapist, so there's no need to do it every day. Usually, it just needs to do once per week(or maybe twice per week, if financing is allowed). During the treatment process, the patients don't need to use their own hands. They just need to lie there on the facial bed and the therapist will do everything. The whole process of the breast lymphatic drainage treatment usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

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