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FAQ: Why my skin becomes loose while I obviously lose weight?

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It is no doubt that once the superficial fat is removed, the skin becomes loose because your inner "size" becomes smaller. Your previous XL size(with fat) now has become L but your skin "coat" still retains XL.

Exactly, people concerns more on this question: "How can I tighten the loose skin after I lose much weight?" ---Don't worry. It has clear answers.

We know that the skin doesn't reduce after we have reduced weight. That's the reason for why it feels loose then. Actually, the skin will reduce itself gradually to fit the updated inner size of the body. But its process is not synchronous(mostly more slowly) with your fat loss progress. So it is so common if you see someone picks his skin like that in the below picture.

Loose skin 1

loose skin 2

loose skin 3

loose skin 4

loose skin 5

Will the loose skin ( Slimming Machine ) shrink itself to completely fit the new body size? It depends. How much it shrinks to is determined by how young, how healthy you are. For the young group with good health, the skin are likely to shrink mostly, but for someone who is aging and has collagen missing, the oversize skin will shrink just some and retain some sagging--forever unless you are rejuvenated.

What ways can rejuvenate and tighten the skin then? The most effective ones are listed below:

1. Ultrasound Skin Care Treatment---Promote collagen and rejuvenate skin (SE-UF332)

2. Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Treatment---Promote and re-array collagen and rejuvenate skin (SE-52)

3. Vacuum Body Toning Treatment---Rearray collagen and tone skin texture (SE-42)

4. Microcurrent Face Lift Therapy(mainly for the facial only)---Promote collagen and regulate natural physiological activity (SE-BGM12)

Other methods such as muscle stimulation, constant vegetarian diet will also help to lift the loose skin partly.

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