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How to choose the RF frequency variable for your RF machine?

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Some customers are confused by how to choose the best RF frequency variable for their RF facial and slimming machines. Actually this is not something needed to be concerned. 

The RF frequency is not an option for the beauty equipments. Customers don't need to wonder which frequency will do the best results, either. 

RF Frequency

In fact, the so-called RF Frequency has been well pre-configured by manufacturers when the system was produced. Also, customers cannot adjust the frequency variable by themselves, otherwise the device will fail to gain you any results. 

The RF treatment can work in promoting skin rejuvenation and fat burning only if the RF frequency is within a certain frequency range. Once its frequency is out of this range, the RF treatment will not get results, though it is still radio frequency. So, the manufacturers won't allow customers to adjust the frequency data themselves because it is a very professional technical work.

Also, what RF frequency to use is also determined by what type of feature by which delivers the RF wave. RF can be sorted to monopolar, bipolar, tripolar, multipolar. Basically, the more polars involved, the higher frequency it should use.

To make things simple, manufacturers have pre-configured the optimized RF frequency range to the RF machines.

Usually, the RF machines will use the following frequencies to the relative output features.

-Multipolar RF(body) 5MHz

-Tripolar RF(facial) 3MHz

-Monopolar RF(body) 0.5MHz

-Monopolar RF(face) 0.3MHz

To conclude, you needn't consider the frequency variable when you purchase an RF machine. Instead, you just need to focus on what kind of RF treatment machines to buy. 

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