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I don't have much fat but why I still have sagging skin fold?

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The skin fold happens not because of the fatty skin but because the skin becomes loose and sagging itself as it becomes aging. So, even you are skinny, you will still be possible to have sagging skin fold around through the body.

As it is aging, the skin starts to lose collagen and elastin fiber. The skin texture becomes hollow. It cannot hold itself up or stay in tight and firm(Actually, this is also how the cellulite comes up).

Also, when we are aging, the lean muscle becomes less strengthened and the size becomes smaller if we don't have muscle training. Stronger lean muscle can hold the skin toned. But if our muscle becomes weaker, the skin sagging will become more obvious.

So, this is why you still have sagging skin even you don't have much fat beneath it.

saggy skin

Then how you can lift the loose skin? Accordingly, you can have the following options:

-Use radio frequency treatment and Slimming Machine to promote collagen so that the skin structure becomes filled up. It will make the skin texture firm and tight. The RF treatment can also rejuvenate the skin condition and smooth the enlarged pores. This method is faster. Check this one to learn more:

Radio Frequency body skin tightening machine

-Use EMS muscle stimulation treatment to strengthen the muscle. It will make the muscle tight and strength. Also, it will build up the muscle size too. All these will contribute to the sagging and loose skin. It will be evenly nested over the strengthened muscle. It looks lifted and toned as the muscle is toned. This method can tone to body shape too. Check this one to learn more:

Body shaping EMS muscle stimulation machine

What if you have both sagging skin and fat deposit? Fortunately, the above methods can both tighten skin and reduce fat--very effectively!

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