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Microcurrent face lift VS Radio Frequency facial, which one is better?

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Microcurrent face lift and Radio Frequency facial, which one is better? (Here we are talking about the BIO microcurrent instead of Galvanic microcurrent)

Microcurrent and radio frequency facial both work well

Both microcurrent and RF facial treatments perform the similar functions(such as promote collagen) and can settle the many skin problems in common, including loosening face, sagging neck skin, wrinkles, find lines, crow's feet, pores, roughness, etc. Both treatment works very well.

microcurrent vs radio frequency

If you are going to choose either method for facial, here are some tips helping you optimize the treatment results according to your conditions:

Microcurrent Face Lift

Microcurrent Facial Operation

-Suitable Group: 22 to 65 years old

-Outstanding Features: oil control, regular skin physiology, improve complexion

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Most Popular BIO Microcurrent Facial Machine

Radio Frequency Facial

Radio Frequency Facial before after

-Suitable Group: 26 to 70 years old

-Outstanding Features: reduce pores, reduce fat beneath epidermis, re-order collagen fibers

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The most recommended monopolar RF facial machine


1. Although both methods are suitable for people from 22 to 65 years old, the young people mostly prefer to the RF treatment and more and more people like RF treatment. This statistics may help you to finalize which treatment to run for your business if you still don't know how to choose yet.

Microcurrent facials before after

2. For the elder group who is older than 55 years old, no matter whether using RF or not, we recommend to use the microcurrent treatment more so as to regular the skin physiology and improve the skin's antioxidant capacity.

Microcurrent and RF facials result before after

3. When the patients keep using microcurrent treatment, it is also possible for them to combine with using RF treatment. This idea is not bad. If needed to use both in one session, use RF first and next the microcurrent. The best setting up is use RF facial treatment once every 4 weeks and use microcurrent facial treatment at the second and third week. 

Radio Frequency facials results before after

4. If you have a free add-on for either microcurrent or RF and you don't know how to make the decision, never mind, then choosing either one randomly would be fine. It is free :)

Radio Frequency facial care results before after

5. The statistics shows which treatment being used by who is age relevant, but it doesn't mean that you are restricted by your age in choosing which to take. Please ignore how old you are. Both treatments will deliver good results. The key point and the secret to achieve fantastic changes is to keep using it regularly so that you will be able to prevent those aging factors.

Radio frequency fat reduce results before after

Radio Frequency slimming results before after

6. Microcurrent facial machine is usually used for facial purposes only. Radio Frequency machines mostly have both facial and body treatment features. If an RF machine has body feature too, it will be able to fulfill body treatment such as body fat reduce, body skin tightening, body shape toning, cellulite tightening, stretch marks diminishing, etc. So if you need to promote both facial and body treatments but are limited to own just one machine, then you should immediately choose an RF machine with body feature. 

Radio Frequency body shaping results before after

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