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Should I use Vacuum Roller or Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing to Lose Weight and Kill Fat Cells?

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Many customers feel difficult in making a decision of purchasing the Vacuum Roller Cellulite Treatment Machine(SE-42) or The Cryolipolysis Machine Freeze Fat Away (SE-67). Both systems have attractive features but "which unit is the most suitable to my situation"?

The below table lists the features of both systems, which will help you with your purchase.


SE-42 fat loss machine

SE-67 weight loss machine

Unit Price US$ 2379.00 US$ 3499.00


Vacuum Fat Redistribute Roller --------
-------- Vacuum BODY Fat Freezing
Vacuum FACE Shaping --------
-------- Vacuum FACE Fat Freezing
Ultrasound Cavitation Break Fat Ultrasound Cavitation Break Fat
Multipolar RF Burn Fat Multipolar RF Burn Fat
Tripolar RF Lift Face --------

How Often to use
7-10 days/Session (Vacuum Roller) --------
-------- 15-30 days/Session (Freeze Fat Away)
10-15 days/Session (Cavitation+RF) 10-15 days/Session (Cavitation+RF)

Materials to use with

Conductive Gel
Conductive Gel (Cavitation+RF)
Conductive Gel (FACE Fat Freezing)
Anti-Frozen Pads (BODY Fat Freezing)
Cooling System No Need Water Cooling
Reduce Fat



Lose Weight



Tighten Skin (Body)



Tighten Skin (Face)



Shape Face



Reshape Body Curve



Tighten Cellulite



Smooth Cellulite Lumps



Smooth Orange Peel



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