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Why RadioFrequency facial/slimming machines dont have "Wave Patterns(Modes)"?

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Unlike Ultrasound Cavitation Fat Loss systems or Ultrasound Facial Devices, most Radio Frequency Facial machines don't have the "Wave Patterns" settings.

Radio Frequency facial systems programmes/modes

The so called "Wave Patterns"(also known as "Programmes", "Wave Modes", "Wave Shapes" or "Wave Forms") is actually the patterns that the energy is emitting. It basically is sorted into 2 patterns: Contineous and Pulse. Accordingly, the Contineous pattern can be also developed to absolute contineous and interval contineous. The Pulse pattern can be also developed to long pulse and short pulse. Some manufacturers will define interval contineous and long pulse as the same thing.

Ultrasound Waveforms

However, we usually don't see the "Wave Patterns" settings from an RF Facial System. To find out why, we have to check up how the RadioFrequncy machine works on our skin or fat tissue.

Radio Frequency treatment how it works

RadioFrequency is actually a type of microcurrent called RF-current(RFCT). It emits from the positive electrode of the RF probe and penetrates through the targeted tissue(dermis or subcutaneous fat layer) and then return to the negative electrode. Then the initial negative electrode becomes positive and emits the RF current to the targeted tissue and return to the negative electrode which was initially positive. This "back and forth" converting action happens in a very high frequence per second(0.3 to 5MHz), which will generate "friction heat" to the targeted tissue. It is the "friction heat" that causes the thermal effects to the tissue and accordingly the tissue changes happen, such as Collagen Contraction and Reordering, Fat Dissolving, Blood microCirculation Improving, Muscle Relaxing, etc.

RF treatment collagen promotion

It is very important to realize that the RF thermal effects to the targeted tissue is related to the Time spent on RF current penetrating through it. The longer the RF current penetrates throught the tissue, the high temperature the tissue will be heated up and the more thermal effects and changes will happen to it. It is necessary to realize that RadioFrequency treatment principle depends on the thermal effects to work, which is different from other treatments such as the ultrasound facials and ultrasound cavitation lipo.

RF thermal effects to collagen

But we must also realize the Thermal Relaxation character of our tissue, especially the skin tissue. It indicates that sufficient thermal energy(more than that from radiation loss) should accumulate at the targeted tissue. This will require the Radio Frequency energy should keep working on the tissue contineously without pausing. If the RF current is emitting in Pulse mode, the intervals between pulses will enable time for the skin tissue to relax and radiate the heat to the non-targeted area around. Obviously this is not good for the accumulation of the RF thermals, which is insufficient to promote RF facials changes or RF fat reduction results.

RF skin tightening collagen before after

RadioFrequency Probe Operation Instruction

Other beauty machines like ultrasound systems don't require positive & negative electrodes to enable the working. So you can start an ultrasound facials device hanging the probe there and you will find out the ultrasound wave still keeps emitting.

radio frequency treatment operation instructions

However, RadioFrequency systems have to enable the works by its positive and negative electrodes and both electrodes have to be connected in a loop through the targeted tissue so that the RF current can transmit in a circulation.

RF facials operation instructions

Therefore, during operation, the RF probe should keep touch the skin through the movement. Keep the RF probe "massaging" over the targeted tissue in some certain gestures until the skin turn red. How "red" you turn the skin to depends on how intensively you settle the aging problem. Practised estheticians will decide when to stop the RF operation by checking up the skin redness, instead of inflexibly following the fixed timer counts but without understanding the bio reaction process of the tissue.

RF slimming treatment operation instructions

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