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Contraindications: Who can not use cryolipolysis to remove cellulite


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Cryolipolysis treatment is safe and non-invasive cellulite removal solution, but not everyone can do it. If you are included in the following cases, please do not take a cryolipolysis treatment and choose a different method to get rid of your cellulite. 

1.Pregnant women or who is planning to be pregnant recently 
2.With scarring, infection problem on the treatment area 
3.History of keloid scarring 
4.With medication problems that will induce photosensitivity 
5.Fragile skin(not tender skin) 
6.Patients undergoing the surgical procedure without consulting with a surgeon 
7.Patients with tumors 
8.Patients with serious disease 
9.Patients with low/high blood pressure 

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