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Diabetics are NOT allowed to use Cavitation,RF,Fat Freezing Treatment


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Can diabetics use cryolipolysis, cavitation or radio frequency treatment for weight loss?

No, this is not recommended especially for the severe situation and for those who are aging.

The diabetics patients usually have to take medicine for treatment purpose every day or frequently. They also suffer from the diabetes syndromes. Both the medicine side effects and syndromes have been harms to the liver and kidney functions.

Cryolipolysis, Cavitation and Radio Frequency fat reduction treatments are all involved in lots of fatty acid in the blood after each treatment and the coming days. This is not a big deal for a healthy person. Their liver can help to metabolize and transform it to other chemical substances that are easily cleared away from the body(some of which by the kidney). This process is completely safe and nothing to a healthy person.

However, if this is done on a diabetics, it may lead to potential metabolic harm and may involve to unestimated syndromes.

A diabetics people can consider the following treatments to lose weight: Cellulite Vacuum Roller, Pressotherapy, FIR Sauna Blanket Wrapping, Lymphatic Drainage, Self Brush Massage, etc



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