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Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing is more suitable for Men weight loss


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Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing treatment is more suitable for men. The following are the reasons.

(1) Comparing to women, men's cellulite and fat deposit problem is more concentrative. The fat mainly deposits at men's abdomen and shoulders. A man has to be a man, look like masculine. Men don't want a big belly but don't want thin arms or legs either. So if a man with fat problems wants to lose weight and get rid of the out-of-shape cellulite, it is not acceptable to make the man as slim as a skinny woman's shape. Another aspect, men seldom require a smooth and silk-like body curve. Men just want more muscle, less fat, yet a strong frame. Therefore, most male clients only require reducing the fat deposit and cellulite lumps on the abdomen and waist(love handles). They seldom ask for a treatment to achieve a body shape as soft as a woman. And the cryolipolysis cellulite freezing treatment is the exact method to get rid of the fat deposit and cellulite lumps locally.

(2) Men have a higher metabolism rate. They are more physically active. The frozen fat tissue after cryolipolysis is being removed gradually in the coming 1 to 2 months. Men's physical activities can promote this process, so the men can come to the expecting result even faster.

(3) Not like the women, men always hate visiting salons and clinics frequently. Cryolipolysis fat freezing method requires less treatments than others. After a pure cryo lipolysis treatment, the body will take at least 5 weeks to completely metabolize and remove the frozen fat. It means you don't have to visit the center for cryolipolysis again before the end of this process(unless you want to take other treatments). So you, being a casher boyfriend, or a superman dad, can have more personal time focusing on other things.

However, the following suggestions after having a cryolipolysis treatment can help you achieve the weight loss result faster.

-Take exercises normally to promote your blood circulation and metabolism. It will speed up sweating and improve the fat removal
-Have a Lipo Cellulite Vacuum massage therapy and/or Radio Frequency slimming treatment
-Lymphatic Drainage Massage



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