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What is the difference the Monopolar and Tripolar radio frequency feel like?

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Basically, if it is operated properly, they all feel the same way that the skin feels thermal and warming.

But you would still feel some tiny difference. 

The monopolar RF head is made of piezoelectric ceramics(a material that feels like ceramic). It is just the positive electrode(the negative one is placed under the user during the treatment). It would heat up itself while it is delivering the RF wave. You will feel more like that the thermal is coming from the surface of the skin and then it penetrates to the depth. So you will feel your skin being warmed up from outer to inner level. You can feel the monopolar RF head is still warming too after you have stopped it.

Monopolar RF Thermal Penetration

The tripolar RF head is made of metal. It has both the positive and negative electrodes on it. This RF head won't heat itself up. At the beginning you would feel more like that the thermal bursts from the inner of the skin and soon all skin levels feel warming. And the RF head is always cool even you feel warm on the skin. That's because the RF wave can just generate "friction heat" only when it has been delivered in the skin tissue.

Tripolar RF Thermal Penetration

In a word, they have difference in the pattern of penetration. Monopolar RF penetrates more like vertically and tripolar RF penetrates more like transverse.

Usually the monopolar RF is 0.5MHz, tripolar RF is 1MHz and multipolar RF(more than 4-polar) is 5MHz. All the MHz values are effective for skin tightening. The penetration pattern determines the MHz value to apply. This is not the standard for which you should choose for skin tightening.

Based on the specification, the monopolar RF is more suitable for the facial treatment(skin rejuvenation, face lift, wrinkle removal, jowl tightening, etc), and the multipolar RF is more suitable for the body treatment(cellulite tightening, fat reduction, orange peel removal, body curve toning, etc).

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