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We have upgraded one of our electric muscle stimulation machine

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We have upgraded the muscle stimulation machine SE-EMS03 to Version SE-EMS05. The previous version SE-EMS03 is not available any more. Please select SE-EMS05 in future if you previously liked SE-EMS03.

SE-EMS03 version

The upgraded SE-EMS05 retains the same features as the old SE-EMS03. It is the same EMS pads and similar operation pattern on the control panel. The technicial parameters(rated power, microcurrent output, pulse patterns, etc) are the same because the same motherboard is applied.

SE-EMS05 new version

What we have done to the upgraded SE-EMS05 model?

-Completely change the frame design to a flatter one which become more convenient to place the unit in middle levels of the trolley(if you have to put other stuff on the top level).

-Reposition the inner radiating fan.

-Add one triangle holder at both sides for easy moving the unit.

-Add power indicator light(Blue color) at the bottom to make it looks cool and exciting.

-Add a rack for placing EMS pads which can be fixed at the back on the unit.

But this new EMS weight loss machine remains the same price as the old version. Check SE-EMS05 now.

New version EMS machine

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