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What will happen if I use ultrasound 3MHz for body care and 1.1MHz for facial care?

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The ultrasound facial machine usually utilizes 3MHz frequency for the wave output for facial(and eyes) treatment and 1.1MHz for body treatment. Why? 

The Reason 1 is that the 1MHz frequency wave has a longer penetration than 3MHz, which matches the fact that the body skin is thicker than facial skin; Reason 2 is that the body skin is not as tender as the face's. So the body skin will match the low frequency(1.1MHz) better. The stuffs, such as the cells membrane, collagen, elastin fiber, can have a higher micro-resonance rate with 1.1MHz ultrasound wave. Higher micro-resonance rate enables more products penetration, more nutrition exchange, more collagen reordered and regrowth--This is what we want. When you use high frequency(3MHz) ultrasound on facial skin, the same things happen.

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However, if we swap the ultrasound frequency, what will happen?

If you use 3MHz on the body, actually there's NO harm at all, but you may not get the optimized result; And if you use 1MHz for facial, it is basically the same as 3MHz.

According to Reason 2 above, the body skin doesn't have a good resonance rate with high frequency(3MHz) ultrasound wave, so it doesn't have satisfied change as we wish.

However, the face skin texture also fits for the microvibration by the 1.1MHz ultrasound wave. That's because the face skin is thin and flexible. So 1.1MHz ultrasound wave works fine to facial skin and will get results we want. In fact, more and more manufacturers nowadays are making their ultrasound facial machines all in 1.1MHz--that means they use 1MHz both for face and for body--and the experiences show it is fine.

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