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Which is better in fat reduction, Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing and Radio Frequency?

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Cryolipolysis utilizes low temperature to freeze and remove fat, while Radio Frequency uses heat energy to burn fat. Then which method is better?

To answer this questions, let's check how they work and what's their advantage & disadvantage.


The cryolipolysis machine uses the fat freezing head to deliver low temperature (minus 5 to minus 15 celsius degrees, adjustable) to the fat deposit layer. The fat cells are frozen there and become inactive(it is killed). The fat cells will be metabolized and cleared gradually.

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how fat freezing work 2

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Human's fat cells quantity becomes fixed when the age is over 16 to 18. The single fat cell is frozen and will be entirely cleared finally. So the result of the treatment is that part of the fat cells were removed. That is how it reduces fat. And the human fat cells are not regenerated after 18 years old, so this treatment will not rebound. Even it rebounds, it won't gain the original size because much fat cells have been removed. As each session will deliver a long-lasting result, the sessions needed is obviously less. Usually a treatment period needs just 2 to 3 sessions, one session every 2 to 3 months and the result can last for one year.

Cryolipolysis treatment results have to come out a little bit by bit and day by day because the fat cells are cleared bit by bit and day by day. This process(just one session) will last for about 2 months. However, you barely can see any instant result. Because of the long-lasting and not-rebound results, the price for this treatment is high.

cryolipolysis fat reduction really works

-How it feels like
It feels a little cold there. There's no worry as the freezing won't hurt the skin or cells of other tissue because the temperature is just sensitive to the fat cells. Also, there's a anti-frozen pad applying on the skin during the treatment. The skin will be protected. The operation is very human-power saving. Once the treatment head starts to suck on the treatment area, nothing else for the therapist is needed to do untill the time is up.

Radio Frequency

The radio frequency polars generate radio frequency that penetrates through fat deposit and generates friction heat. The heat energy promotes the fat metabolism so that the fat is reduced almost instantly.

Radio Frequency fat reduction really works

It "dissolves" the fat quickly. You can see instant results right after finishing one session. RF treatment is affordable.

RF fat dissolve treatment comes with a quick result, but it lasts not very long, usually only one to two months. So a treatment period needs more sessions (usually about 8 sessions) and one session must be fulfilled every 20 to 30 days.

-How it feels like
It feels warm. Customers will feel comfortable. Some also say it is like you are enjoying a hot massaging and find out your size become a little "smaller".

Now we clearly know that cryolipolysis treatment doesn't have instantly result but the final result will last long, while the radio frequency has shorter result but a very visible instant changes.

Would it be possible to combine radio frequency with cryolipolysis?

Yes, perfect!

cryolipolysis RF fat reduction machine

Indeed, this is a very scientific and reasonable combination treatment method. And the result will be ideal. Firstly, use radio frequency to dissolve fat to gain instant result. Customers will be very happy and confident to the treatment. Next, use cryolipolysis to freeze fat to enable a long-lasting and not-rebound results.

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Learn more about the Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine with both fat freezing and radio frequency.

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