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Which way is correct for needle-free mesotherapy to apply the products?

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-Can I apply the product directly on the skin when I use needle-free mesotherapy facial treatment?

Usually the needle-free mesotherapy operation head has a container where you can fill with the product/essence. The container will simultaneously apply the product on the skin evenly while the meso head is sliding along over the skin surface. This method can ensure the product be distributed evenly and thinly, which is benefitial for products penetration by electrophoresis and electro-osmosis effects. But in the real experience, many therapists are accustomed to apply the product/essence directly on the skin, instead of fill in the containers. And surprisingly they get satisfied results too.

In fact, this method is fine feasible because it can also enable the electrophoresis and electro-osmosis. However, please pay attention not to make the applied products too thick. It should be applied evenly. Otherwise, the electrophoresis and electro-osmosis effects are hard to go.

Actually, the senior and experienced therapists will integrate both methods. While the product to use is thin and dilute, they will fill in the containers and fix in the meso head(but you can apply on the skin too). While the product is sticky, it is not easy to be distributed through the container, then they will directly apply on the skin instead.

needle-free mesotherapy head options

So, regardless of whichever method to use, the theory is the same and both methods can get satisfied results. Accordingly, we have developed 2 types of operation heads for our needle-free mesotherapy machines--the one with container and the one without container. Buyers can choose the most suitable one according to your operation habits. But usually you just need either one. It is not necessary to own both.

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