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Which works better in breast tightening? EMS or RadioFrequency skin lifting?

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In fact, both treatments can work in tightening the beasts, but it is obvious that the radio frequency treatment works better and has more reliable results.

EMS(electric muscle stimulation) works by contracting the muscles. When the muscle is tightened and strengthened, its size becomes improved and shaped and the outer fat deposit is reduced. Accordingly the skin will become tightened and lifted as it has to "cover" the enlarged and shaped lean muscles. The body curve will become toned too. When using the EMS to tighten the breast, it strengthens the chest muscles so that the breast skin is tightened and then the whole breast is lifted.

However, as the breast is constructed by fat tissue and fiber, instead of mainly muscle, the EMS effect cannot work far. That's because it doesn't work directly on the skin itself.

And the radio frequency(RF) works directly on the derma. The RF waves can regulate the disorder collagen fiber and also promote more colleagen so that the skin becomes rejuvenated, plumper, elastic and tightened. The lifted skin will wrap the fat in the breast better and help with the sagging so that the breast become more charming.

Unlike EMS that has to fix the pads on the targeted positions, the radio frequency treatment has free operation gestures. You can move and slide the RF head over the target positions freely so that the RF waves penetrate more evenly. This action enable the entire breast is evenly done. So the conclusion is that the Radio Frequency treatment works better in tightening breast and get more reliable results. (check more RF machines)

However, please pay attention that both methods have to work close to the heart. So they are not allowed to use on someone that have heart diseases.

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