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Why Cavitation Lipo Treatment Needs Multiple Sessions Instead of Just One?

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This article will answer the following 3 questions:
1. Why cavitation treatment needs to go for multiple sessions instead of just one time like liposuction surgery?
2. Why it is not necessary to use cavitation daily?
3. Why it needs maintenance periodically after getting satisfied results?

Now that the 40kHz cavitation is considered as "ultrasonic liposuction", utilizing resonance effect to break the fat cells membrane so as to release the inner fat substance(Triglycerides) to reduce fat, then why the cavitation treatment has to go for several sessions? It looks that the fat cells are broken in the first treatment, but why hasn't all the fat substance been released out then?

Well, the fact doesn't go like that.

Indeed, the 40kHz ultrasound cavitation utilizes resonance effect to break the fat cells membrane. But once the membrane breaks, it cannot resonate with the 40kHz ultrasound wave any more because the membrane is not intact then. Without keeping it intact, the resonance won't happen. But any way, from this moment, as the membrane has cracked, the fat substance(Triglycerides) starts to release and leak from the fat cells.

But since the 40kHz ultrasound cavitation is a pure physical treatment. It never "kills" fat cells. It cracks the fat cells membrane only. Theoretically the fat cells have no obvious functional damage. So they still keep its activities and self-repairing. It is still living. So after a cavitation treatment session, the fat cells will start to repair(or at least partly repair) their membrane and (after that)keep going the biochemical effect which means tending to store triglycerides in it(because you have never stopped absorbing fat and calories). Actually this activity process has never stopped because the cells are always trying to survive in any case. So it is obvious that the fat substance releasing must go before the fat cells membrane complete the self repairing. The later the repairing is done, the more triglycerides is released. Once the membrane repairing is completed, no more fat will be reduced and it is time for you to go for the next session.

fat cells 1

fat cells 2

fat cells 3

When you take another session, the 40kHz ultrasound wave cracks the fat cells memebrane by resonance effect again to release the fat substance until the membrane is repaired again. So you need to repeat the sessions regularly so that the fat becomes less and less gradually and finally you can get satisfied results.

So we can have the following conclusions:

1. The cavitation treatment must take several(multiple) sessions to achieve satisfied results because the fat substance cannot be released completely within one session because the fat cells have the activities to repair the membrane to keep its intactness. Once the membrane is repaired, no fat substance will leak so you need another session to keep the fat reducing.

2. If you get a cavitation treatment within the period of fat cells membrane repairing, you may barely get effects because the 40kHz ultrasound wave resonance effect doesn't work without the intact membrane. But before the membrane is repaired, the fat substance is still leaking. So you needn't take a treatment at all in this period. Please stop for at least 5 days. So the recommended schedule for a session is every 5 days or every 7 days(i.e. per week)

3. The fat cells are never killed by the cavitation physical effects. It keeps the cell activities all the time to store fat there as well as you absorb fat every day, so you have to go for some maintenance sessions to offset the daily fat storaging periodically even after you have achieved satisfied results. Averagely, the maintenance treatment should go for 1 session per month.

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