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Why does ultrasound cavitation machine cause "tinnitus" noise in the head?

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What is it?
The clients who have tried ultrasound cavitation fat reduce treatment all say that they feel "tinnitus" during the treatment. Someone describes it as the sound wave feel like you are driving through the tunnel. And someone describes it as a screeming or yelling noise in the head--you can't even tell whether it is remote or close as it may feel multidimensional.

However, when you stop/pause the cavitation machine or untouch the cavitation head, the "tinnitus" will immediately disappear. Meanwhile, those who are not touching the cavitation head will never feel the sound wave at all even they are standing next to the cavitation machine.

Someone wonder it is the "ultrasound". But the truth is "NO". We can never hear the ultrasound because its frequency is out of human auditory sense--that's why it is called ultrasound.

Is it normal?
This phenomenon is very interesting. But take it easy. It is a normal phenomenon and it is the nature character of "Ultrasound Cavitation".

How does it happen?
Cavitation effect is generated by the ultrasound with 40kHz frequency. Our auditory nerve should not be able to feel it at all while it penetrates our body.

cavitation penetration

The 40kHz ultrasound can generate high frequency(i.e. 40kHz) microvibration, but this has no effect until it penetrates to the fat tissue. The 40kHz sound wave microvibration among the fat cells can cause resonance to the fat cells membrane but the fat cells membrane can't stand with such high frequency microvibration so it starts to corrupt--this is how the 40kHz ultrasound breaks the fat cells. This resonance is so effectively that it causes numerous "microvacuum" among the fat cells, which contributes to destroy the fat cells membrane further.

So now we know the 40kHz ultrasound can cause microvibration to the tissue where it penetrates. It is the be-caused microvibration on the tissues that makes us feel like as "tinnitus".

This phenomenon will always come along with the cavitation slimming treatment. If it disappears, it is not 40kHz any more.

Is it harmful?
40kHz ultrasound cavitation treatment has been proven to be safe because it causes effect only to the fat cells. It has no effect to other tissues. So this phenomenon is not harmful to human and no need to worry about it.

But this phenomenon can feel different on individuals. Some feels it easy but some feels it serious. Anyway, to make it some easier, users can change the wave mode from "Continuous" to "Interval" wave pattern. Interval patterns include Short interval and Long interval. Users can select the most comfortable one according to self situations.

What is the contraindications of ultrasound cavitation treatment?
Although ultrasound cavitation treatment is safe to normal users, but it is not allowed to use it if someone is in the list below:

1. Heart disease
2. Gastric ulcer
3. Hypertension
4. Duodenum illness
5. Severe diabetes
6. Pregnant women
7. In breastfeeding
8. In menstrual period
9. With a surgical scar in the past 3 months on the targeted treatment areas

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