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Why Hydro Dermabrasion Therapy is Recommended for Winter Facial Peel?

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In winter, it is even more perfect to use Hydro Micro Dermabrasion Facial therapy because it can peel for face rejuvenation while it can supply the skin with water.

Differing from the traditional microdermabrasion(both diamond peel and crystal peel), the hydro facial peel machine utilizes serum or natural saline with essence to exfoliate the skin surface, instead of using diamond tips or aluminium oxide crystal. While the serum or natural saline rush over the skin surface quickly, the dead skin will be scrubbed off and taken away with the aqua flow. In the whole process, the skin being exfoliated is completely covered by the serum or natural saline. The essence, nutrions and moisture in the serum will be instantly absorbed by skin cells of the newly peeled epidermis.

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Hydro microdermabrasion peeling is more smooth and gentle because the dead skin is softened while it is "soaked" in the serum. Also because of the plentiful serum, the hydro facial ensures the skin be moiturized all through the treatment process. So in a word, the hydro dermabrasion facial therapy is specially suitable for someone with sensitive skin or extreme dry skin. It is recommended to use this facial treatment in the dry season to rejuvenate and moisture the skin.


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