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Why some beauty machines have Mode or Program Setting? What it is configured for?

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-Misconception of Modes Setting
-What is Mode or Program?
-What are the Modes configured for?
-How to play with the modes correctly to get optimized results?
-I have followed the misconception for many sessions. Would there be any harm? What should I do?

Misconception of Modes Setting
Your beauty equipment may have the Mode or Program setting. It usually has M1, M2, M3 or even M4(or P1, P2 P3...).

Some manufacturers will describe M1 for Function 1, M2 for Function 2, M3 for Function 3, ... Take the ultrasound facial machine as an example. They probably will describe like this: M1 for wrinkle removal, M2 for product penetration, M3 for collagen promotion, ...

It sounds detailized. Then the users will follow this instruction and select M1 if they want to smooth wrinkle, or select M2 when they want to penetrate the essence.

But has anyone ever asked "Really? Is it true?"?

If you ask this question now, I will immediately answer "NO!! It is NOT true!" Those descriptions to Mode or Program are not true. Those manufacturers promote this can make their machines more attractive and the benefit is having more business. However, there's no benefit to the users at all. This way to promote sale is irresponsible because it mislead the users.

Beauty machine modes settings

What is Mode or Program?
The mode is nothing magical but the pattern of energy delivering. It is same like "pulse". The modes from a machine usually have Continuous pattern, Short-interval pattern(high frequency pulse), Long-interval pattern(low frequency pulse) and some even have Combine pattern. The Continuous pattern is the original which means it is a direct delivery without any processing. It comes out constantly without a break. The other patterns are processed by by integrated circuit based on the Continuous. For example, the Short-interval is micro paused intervally. But this doesn't have any change to the energy itself. It just makes you feel a different style when it is delivered to your skin or body.

So it is obvious that the energy output is the same thing whatever pattern it is delivered by. That means the Modes have nothing to do with your skin problems. If your machine is used to smooth wrinkle, then M1, M2, M3 all modes can smooth wrinkle. If you can walk to your office from home, then you can absolutely get there also by full running or by half walking+half running alternately.

So please give up the concept of "M1 for Function 1, M2 for Function 2, M3 for Function 3, ...".

What are the Modes configured for?
The modes are developed only to enable the machine to deliver the energy or wave in more patterns to keep the skin or body Positive to the enery/wave so that the skin or body can have positive changes that you wish.

Our skin or body considers the delivered energy or wave as Stimulation. The stimulation will cause changes to our tissue. These changes are the results we want. However, the human body is always tending to keep itself in balance. So even it reacts positively when it is stimulated for the first time, it will naturally react less to the stimulation to keep itself in balance. Physiologically, this phenomenon is called Adaptation. It is good for a creature to survive in the nature but we don't need this in a beauty treatment. Once the body is completely adapted to the stimulation, the body will have no change to it any more(or just very little). The body has had no interest to the stimulation any more and it "realizes" itself that it doesn't worth to do something to react to the stimulation. This mechanism is very good for surviving if the stimulation is harmful, but the stimulation in beauty treatment is good, so we have to stop the adaptation. That's why the Modes are developed.

The modes have enabled the same energy/wave in serveral patterns. The body/tissue considers each pattern as a unique stimulation because every pattern feels different. When the body/tissue has adapted to one pattern, change to another pattern and the body will feel "fresh" again and then change positively.

Adaptation mechanism is widely existing. You enjoy the chickren today but you will feel it terrible if you have to have just chickren every day for one month. You feel out of breath after you just ran 3 miles for the first time but you will feel it much easier after you have practiced doing this every day for a month.

How to play with the modes correctly to get optimized results?
It is not difficult at all. The skin or body may start to adapt the first mode some after using several sessions frequently, then you can change to use another mode. This also depends on how often you use a session.

-If you take a session every 2 days or even every day, you'd better change to another mode every 3 sessions.
-If you take a session every week, you can change to use another mode every month. Actually, the body/skin would have forgotten it after 7 days, so one session per week would have not obvious adaptation even if you always keep using the same mode.
-If you take a session every 2 week or even every month, then it doesn't matter to use the same mode which means you needn't worry about the adaptation matter any more.

Theoretically, the Continuous mode should be the best and should be firstly considered to use because it delivers the energy/wave constantly without any interval. It means it delivers energy the most. So you should use Continuous mode as much as possible until it is adapted. When a client has got satisfied results and she keeps coming for a session to maintain every 2 weeks or every month, then you'd better always use Continuous mode to her.

Some therapists and estheticians would say the Modes selections are related to the operation skills. Yes it is. For example, when they are using "Stroking" skills, they would select to use the Pulse mode. When the pulse is penetrating, they start to "stroke" the tissue with the probe or wand. During the interval of pulse, they move the probe to the initial spot and start to stroke again when the next Pulse comes on. And their operation rhythm is completely matching with the Pulses.

Also, you should check if the client feels good or not to the mode you select. If she doesn't feel M2 comfortable, then you'd better use other modes.

Actually, other factors can also affect to adaptation, such as the intensity level. The body/skin will consider(or partly consider) higher intensity and lower intensity as 2 different stimulation(at least partly different). So different intensity + different mode can prevent the adaptation even more effectively. But usually the intensity should be adjusted gradually from sessions. It is not safe operation if you use for example 8 levels this time while it was just 3 levels previously.

In the salon, there may be many clients but it is not a head ache for the therapists to record the mode each time. There should be a form recording the information of the client and their schedule. Just simply mark M1 or M2 or M3 on their scheduled date. Then you will know what mode she should use in this session or even the further ones. Some salons will sell the times card. The back side of the card has grids to record the times. When you check the grid for the session that is just done, mark the M on it then you can know what modes this client was taking in the previous sessions.

I have followed the misconception for many sessions. Would there be any harm? What should I do?
Don't worry. It doesn't matter at all. Theoretically, all modes will achieve the same results in a long run. Even the previous concept is wrong and exaggerated, the machine is the same machine and the energy is the same energy which has been configured to be safe. So the wrong concept has never done any harm to you. But since it never considers the "Adaptation" theory, you may haven't been able to get the most optimized results yet because you have followed its misleading description to use the same mode(all the time) for a particular skin problem. Once you understand Adaptation and know how to play with it, you should get optimized results.

The modes setting can be found on many types of beauty machines, such as the Ultrasound Facial machine, BIO Microcurrent Machine, Cavitation Machine, RF Machine, Photon Light Therapy Machine, EMS Muscle Stimulation Machine, etc. That is how they prevent the Adaptation mechanism.

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