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Will RF facial and fat reduction results rebound after I stop using it?

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Will the RF facial and fat reduction treatment results rebound after I stop using it?

Yes, it probably will. This article is to tell you why and show you how to improve the rebound.

Radio Frequency treatment has been proven to be very effective in collagen promotion and fat reduction by many customers' experiences in face lift, skin tightening and weight loss. They look rejuvenated after a full series of RF treatment and achieve satisfied results. But next they start to worry whether the results would rebound and then return to sagging, wrinkly and fatty.

keep the face rejuvenated

Why the RF facial results would probably rebound? This is because we are always aging, even we always attempt to do something for anti-aging. When the RF treatment stops, the aging is still going on and results in wrinkles, sagging, loosening, spotty, darken, all kinds of skin problems.

Also, we are having too much fatty and oily food every day. The fat is depositing in our body little by little and we will see our body gradually bump up to big size and heavy weight again. As we are aging, our muscle becomes less powerful--we are "losing" muscle. This means we burn less calories and we have less muscle to locate the fat in neat and tidy order. These all just cause fat deposit and cellulite problem.

That's why we have to keep a healthy lifestyle: plenty of water, fruits and vegatables, daily facial care, sleeping, exercising, low calories food, low oil, etc. All these efforts will help to slow down the aging process and accordingly the RF treatment results can last longer.

keep the face young

Since you have achieved satisfied results from the RF facial or weight loss treatments previously, why not going on using radio frequency treatment to maintenance the results? The facts have proven that using RF treatment to maintenance the previous result is very effective and simple. A RF treatment in maintenance period can effectively counteract the aging and fat depositing process. Using RF treatment to maintain the results is more efficient and reliable if you are not able to keep a healthy lifestyle.

How often should have a RF treatment for maintenance after achieving satisfied results? It usually needs just 1 to 2 sessions per month. In this situation, your result will be maintained and will not rebound.

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