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Can Ultrasound Cavitation Treatment use on Face to Reduce Facial Fat?


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Usual ultrasound cavitation machine is not recommended to use on face. The ultrasound cavitation wave penetrates deeply but the face has lean muscle and thin fat deposit. For face toning or shaping, we usually use RF skin tightening treatment instead. RF facial machine can always use on face.

However, recently we have a new cavitation machine that can use on face to reduce the facial fat. The ultrasonic cavitation facial head has a smaller size to fit the operation on face. What's more important that this facial cavitation head has different output ultrasound cavitation wave and intensity. Its penetration is not as deep as the body cavitation treatment. It becomes safe to use on face. Please learn more about this model from

The face cavitation treatment head can also use on other body parts such as the arms, shoulders, crus.

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