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High Frequency Facial

High Frequency Facial Treatment Machine is frequently used during the facial skin care treatment for a skin
rejuvenation and skin problems promotion. The high frequency beauty device generates high rate of oscillation and produce heat. Also this type of facial equipment produces high-frequency microcurrents and infrared lights which infuse the skin with ozone.

The high frequency effects will destroy bacteria and promote lymphatic drainage. A high freqneucy facial machine can produce mild heat and increase the skin elastin and collagen generation too.

High frequency beauty equipment has a anti-bacterial function as it produces ozone, which can be used to clear up acne that is caused by bacteria.

High frequency facial SPA machine includes several types of glass electrode tubes to fit for all the targert body parts.

Benefits of High Frequency Facial SPA machine: clear up acne, revert enlarged pores, remove fine lines and wrinkles, elimilate puffy eyes and dark eye circles, tighten and firm facial skin, boost hair regrowth, etc.


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