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Is home cavitation treatment the same effective as that from a salon


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As a long run, home cavitation treatment will basically get the same(at least similar) effects as a salon cavitation treatment. But this is not definitely guaranteed since the result might depend on how good the home user operates the ultrasonic cavitation device. 

A home ultra lipo cavitation machine usually has lower intensity to make it safe for home users. And the machine normally doesn't have Radio Frequency fat dissolving. Comparing to a salon ultrasonic cavitation machine, a home one is "simple"--simple usage and simple function. Safety is the most important to those non-trained group after all. 

Home ultrasonic cavitation cellulite treatment can be used more frequently than the salon therapy. The device will help you reduce the cellulite little by little each time you use it. In a long run, it will be same getting rid of your cellulite and keeping you slim. 

However, the benefits of a salon cellulite treatment is that it normally includes ultrasound cavitation cellulite reduction and radio frequency fat dissolve and skin tightening, vacuum fat redistribution. The salon treatment is more integrated, which will reduce cellulite and tighten the skin that becomes loosening after cellulite being smaller. The effect generally will come faster and the result more likely turn out to be an artwork. 

The trend is that more and more ultrasonic cavitation RF slimming machines are purchased for fat reduction treatment at home. More and more home users are competent for the operation.

If you are busy, if you want to be slim in a short period, you'd better directly head to the salon for the cavitation weight loss treatment. But if you have enough time and if you are restricted to budget, the good choice is to buy a small cavitation machine to reduce fat at home.

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