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What is needle-free Mesotherapy? Why it is effective?

While the traditional mesotherapy treatment utilizes micro-needle injections to deliver the skin care products to the mesoderm(middle layer of the skin), Needle-Free Mesotherapy technology uses Electroporation and Electroosmosis to deliver the essence solution to mesoderm so as to restore the cells' own biological functions and replenish fuel to the cells. All these action will all contribute to skin rejuvenation and collagen promotion.

While the traditional micro-needle mesotherapy is basically used to inject certain drugs to reduce fat and cellulite, the new Needle-Free Mesotherapy treatment is more frequent and popular in the use of skin and facial care treatments and the therapist can be more free to add with skin care essence solutions.

Needle-free mesotherapy is even more efficient than traditional micro-injection mesotherapy because the depth of mesoderm is not always the same. You have to adjust the micro-needle injections depth manually to fit it. This requires high skill to the therapists. But the needle-free mesotherapy utilizes Electroporation and Electroosmosis techologies to deliver the solution essence. It will just penetrate to the very level accurately because of it physical characteristics.

Benefits of needle-free mesotherapy: improve blood microcirculation/lymphatic drainage/toxin removal, promote collagen/elastin, rejuvenate skin, smooth wrinkle/fine lines, improve pores/oily, reduce fat/cellulite, etc.

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