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Monopolar RF,Bipolar RF,Tripolar RF facials, Which one works the best?


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Radio Frequency facials include Monopolar RF(unipolar RF), Bipolar RF, Tripolar RF(or multipolar RF). What's the difference and which to choose for best benefits?

This is not a matter about which is the best. In fact, all types of RF works in facial treatments. You are going to choose the most suitable one according to the situation. Here are the tips.

1. Monopolar(unipolar) Radio Frequency
Monopolar means it has just one electrode so the radiofrequency results in delivering more thermal and involving in less electricity. Monopolar radio frequency treatment can settle almost all the common skin problems. It is suitable for skin care on the face and the superficial fat reduction on the whole body. (Learn more about Monopolar RF Machines)

2. Bipolar Radio Frequency
Bipolar radiofrequency facial treatment is also a frequently used one, especially by home users. Compare to monopolar, the bipolar will delivery more electricity and microcurrent and it will penetrate deeper to effect. It mainly works in skin tightening, collagen and elastin fiber regeneration, wrinkle removal and smooth, skin rejuvenation, etc. It is maily applied for skin care on the face. (Check the Bipolar RF Machines)

3. Tripolar Radio Frequency and Multipolar Radio Frequency
The more polar the radio frequency device has, the deeper the radio waves will go to. So the multipolar radio frequency slimming treatment is suitable for the body where the skin condition and fat deposits are obviously thicker. (Check the Tripolar/Multipolar RF Machines)

All types of the radio frequency are the same technology. They have different specification for different targets and condition. They all work. Please choose the suitable one according to your facial purpose.



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