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Monopolar VS Tripolar RF--which type is Better for fat reduction?


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Monopolar RF and Tripolar RF treatment are both effective in fat reduction and collagen promotion. They both contribute to skin rejuvenation and toning. Most users/patients can get satisfied results by using either one.

Regarding in reducing facial fat, we recommend the Monopolar RF for professional salon use and Tripolar RF for home use. With professional operation skills, the monopolar RF treatment can achieve visible instant effect on facial. When you select high intensity, the monopolar RF will deliver the heat more evenly than tripolar RF.

Tripolar RF is more recommended to use at home for its safety operation. The max intensity of tripolar RF is about 2/3 of that of Multipolar RF which is used on bigger parts like the body/abdomen/legs/buttocks/tummy tuck. Tripolar RF requires less skill in operation. It is even easier for home users to use and get effects.

How about the effect in reducing body fat? Monopolar RF can be used to reduce body fat, but tripolar RF is mostly used on face only(and the arms sometimes). To reduce body fat, you will use Multipolar RF instead of tripolar because multipolar RF head is bigger that it can fit for the operation on the body/abdomen/legs/buttocks/tummy tuck.

Both monopolar and tripolar RF have to use with gel products.

To learn more about the difference among Monopolar, Bipolar and Tripolar RF, please read this article.


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