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Radio Frequency Face Lift

What is Radio Frequency Face Lift Treatment? Does RF facial really work?

Radio frequency Treatment beauty machines include Monopolar(Unipolar) RF, Bipolar RF, Tripolar RF and Multipolar RF. The RF electrode delivers high frequency radio wave energy to the skin and generate a 450kHz electric field that changes polarity for 450,000times per second. By this physical action, the tissue will attain "friction heat" energy. When the thermal energy is up to 60 to 70 celsius degrees(about 140F degrees), the collagen will start to shrink instantly and re-array in order. More elastin is generated. All these benefits will contribute to skin rejuvenation. The result is visible right after the RF treatment.

Radio Frequency Treatment, Skin Tightening Machine for Sale

Radio Frequency facelift/skin tightening Benefits

Promote collagen, Face Lift, Facial Toning/Firming, Wrinkle Removal, improve sagging neck skin, Tighten Body Skin, reduce facial fat, reduce pores and roughness, promote skin texture, etc.

Will RF facial results rebound after stop using it?

Radio Frequency Facial Treatment Machine for sale

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