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RF Face Lift and Skin Tightening Treatment Cautions


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1. Before the treatment, both the therapist and client should remove the metal attachment such as finger rings, ear rings, necklace, etc. No touching on any metals during the treatment.

2. Before the treatment on face, the client's hair should be wrapped in order to prevent from touching the RF heads. It would generate scorching smell.

3. The RF machine should not be used in humid situation.

4. All the RF heads should be cleaned by 75% alcohol after finishing the treatment. Do not scratch the RF heads. These will affect the usage torelance.

5. Client's treatment area should be cleaned completely. No makeup is allowed to remain.

6. Keep the indoor temperature in normal during the treatment.

7. The therapist should wear disposable glove or latex glove during the treatment to anti static electricity.

8. It is recommended to take 2-3 treatments every week.

9. Avoid the areas with implant such as silicon.

10. The RF machine should work with treatment gel or relative products.


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