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Terms of Use
By entering this site, visitor/buyer should acknowledge and agree to all terms and conditions stated herein. If you do not agree to there terms, please do not use this site. We, The SPA elf reserve all rights to change and revise all the terms stated in this site without notification. The SPA elf is the only owner of all the copyright of everything on this site, including but not limited to text, images, videos. visitor/buyer may use those material for personal, non-commercial, home use only. Use of those material on this site for any other purpose violates The SPA elf's legal rights.

1. Our store has encrypted checkout method(including Paypal). All your payment source information is protected and not exposed.
2. We accept payments from Credit Cards(Visa/Master/American Express/JCB/Diners Club), Debit Cards, Paypal Balance, Western Union.
3. Your payment may not be instantly cleared due to the checkout system's review(usually only for suspected or unauthorized payments). The review will take no more than 24 hours. You will receive a notification email about your payment situation instantly(if your payment is cleared instantly or involved in a review) and another notification email later(if your payment was previously under review and now is cleared).
4. Buyers are obligatory to fill in the shipping information clearly during the order procedures. Buyers may have to fill twice-one for order submission and the other for checkout/payment recording. Otherwise, we have to refund and buyer has to pay again to continue with the transaction. We are not responsible for any time lost due to this reason. If both shipping information is not the same, we will apply the one as per the checkout/payment record. Unverified shipping information may lead to payment declined automatically.
5. Once you have paid for the order, the order status will change to "Awaiting Fulfillment" which means we have received your order record in our store system.

Handling and Packaging
1. We will start to handle the orders once the payment is received and cleared.
2. Our handling includes installing and testing/inspecting the items. The items have passed our quality control standard. We only pack and ship the items that are in good condition.
3. The general handling time is shown at the right side block of product image in product description page. The handling time may vary due to unforeseen reasons which includes but no limited to weekend break, season rush, power failure, local official holiday off, strike, heavy rains, floods, typhoon, fire, storm, earthquake, force majeure, etc. We will attempt to contact you by email if there is much delay. You are also welcome to contact us any time if you feel any unusual process to your order.
4. If you have a deadline in receiving the order, please contact us first before buying to check with us whether we could control or not. If you never do this, we will process the order per our schedule and we will not be responsible for your deadline.
5. We are professional in packaging. We use foam, bubble film, double cartons(inner carton + external carton), frame or wooden case to pack the item optimizingly depending on its size, shape, weight. The package can protect the item and accessories properly from being damaged during delivery bump.

1. We select the shipping method to ship the order according to the total weight(or dimension weight, whichever is bigger) and shipment destination. Additional cost may be involved to buyers if buyers want to choose a different/customized shipping method. Buyer is welcome to contact us to check before buying.
2. We most frequently use the following shipping methods.
Registered Airmail   12-18 days(Small Parcels less than 2kg)
EMS   8-12 days
Fedex   5-8 days
DHL   4-6 days
3. Shipping time may vary due to unforeseen reasons which includes but no limited to weekend break, original/local official holiday off, season rush, strike, force majeure, etc. We are not responsible for any delay after we hand over to the shipping companies.
4. We are not responsible for any custom event(including but no limited to confiscation, rejection, inspection, destroy, delay, swapping, damage, etc) and import duty from the destination countries, but we will offer the relative documents we have owned to help with the situation. 
5. Buyer should open the carton in front of the courier to check if there is any damage to the item and the accessories. If any damage has happened, buyer should record it by photos/videos with the notarization of the courier(The courier will issue a document on the spot). With the information, buyer should contact us as soon as possible so as to claim from the shipping company.
6. We are not responsible for the exterior damage(such as but not limited to scratchs, surface color peel off, sunken, rip) on the item or package which is caused by transportation and doesn't affect normal usage.

Warranty, Return, Replace, Refund
1. We test/inspect every item before we pack and ship. We ship the item only if it is working and in good condition.
2. Our items have 1-year or 2-year warranty which is displayed in the listings.
3. Depending on the situation, the warranty solutions includes:
-Free replacement parts for repair
-Return for Repair/Replace/Refund
We judge situation and analyze the problem and offer the optimized solution. Buyers can suggest a solution per their own consideration. We will take it into account. If the suggestion is not compliant with our policy, we have the right to determine the final solution.
4. Buyers are obligate to collect the necessary information/proof so that we can analyze the problem accurately. The information/proof includes but not limited to description, pictures, videos, etc. If buyers refuse to cooperate with us to settle the problem, we have the right to end warranty.
5. If the order is involved in return for refund, buyers pay for the return shipping. If the order is involved in return for replace(exchange), buyers pay for the return shipping and we pay for the replace shipping.
6. If we have shipped a completely wrong item to buyer, buyer can ask for a full refund, or buyer can ask for another shipment for the item that buyer has exactly bought. Whichever decision buyer would like to make, buyer needn't pay for return of the wrong item. Buyer can buy the wrong item as a new order with 10% discount.
7. Return item should be in its original condition as when it was previously shipped. Refund will be done within 24 hours once we have received the returned item and confirmed its condition. Refunded amount includes the original item value. The original shipping cost is not included.
8. Return requests for personal or subjective reasons such as(but not limited to) "I don't like it", "I don't know how to use it", are not accepted.

Privacy Policy
We never record buyer's credit card numbers or any other bank/payment account details. We only record the information of registration(including address, phone number, email address), order records, coupon codes, gift certificate, reviews, correspondence. We use the information just for the management of transaction and shipment, marketing and statistics, improvement of custom services and shopping experience. We do not sell, trade or disclose the information to other parties.



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