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Triple heads Fat-Freeze Cryo lipolysis-Laser Cavitation RF Slimming Machine

  • Triple heads cryolipolysis fat freezing cavitation RF machine
  • smart cryolipolysis fat freezing vacuum head large
  • smart cryolipolysis fat freezing vacuum head medium
  • smart cryolipolysis fat freezing vacuum head small
  • cryolipolysis fat freezing treatment targeted area
  • cryolipolysis fat freezing how it works
  • cryolipolysis fat freezing weight loss process
  • cryolipolysis fat freezing reviews
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Product Description

Item Name: Cryolipolysis RF Cavitation Laser Lipolysis Fat Reduce System


Product Code: SE-79

Outstanding Features
-40kHz Ultrasound Cavitation Lipo Fat Breaking
-5MHz Multipolar RadioFrequency Fat Dissolving
-(Silicone) Triple Heads Cryo Fat Freezing
-Cold Laser Lipolysis Fat Dissolve


Triple cryolipolysis fat freezing heads

1. Triple cryolipolysis fat freezing vacuum heads for different sizes of target areas
This machine has 3 vacuum heads, large+medium+small. The programs allow to use both the Large+Medium cryo vacuum heads or both the Large+Small ones. It is more efficient than the systems of the previous generation. To check the measurement of the vacuum cryolipolysis heads, please check the technical parameters below. The vacuum jar of these cryolipolysis heads is made of silicone, which is more flexible to the fat targeted tissue.

Cryolipolysis can freeze fat away without rebound


2. 40kHz Ultrasound Cavitation Head helps to break the fat cells
The ultrasound cavitation treatment is well known to worldwide for its remarkable results. It would be even more wonderful if it is integrated with the cryolipolysis fat freezing treatment. The ultrasound cavitation treatment would break the fat cells to disable them and the cryolipolysis treatment would freeze it until the fat cells are completely killed.

How ultrasound cavitation reduce fat

3. Multipolar Radio Frequency Head dissolves the fat instantly
The RF slimming treatment is well known for its instant visible results. The radio frequency friction heat would promote the fat metabolism by thousands of times. The fat cells becomes smaller in size instantly, which makes it even easier to be frozen by the cryolipolysis head. The multipolar radiofrequency head will also help to promote more collagen to tighten the body skin and tone the curve, which will contribute to reduce cellulite problem.

How multipolar RF treatment works on fat reduce

4. Cold Laser Lipolysis Fat Dissolve
Rather than remove fat cells through invasive sugical liposuction, Lipolaser is engage in simply dissolve the fat cells. Lipolaser utilizes diode cold laser to penetrate the fat cells and promote the fat metabolism, transforming fat to triglycerides which is decomposed by the liver and cleared away from the body. Taking necessary exercises and drink plenty of water will promote the procedure of clearing and help to avoid the triglycerides settle elsewhere on the body.

Lipolaser fat dissolve how it works



The comprehensive treatment setup is suggested in this way:
-First, use the 40kHz ultrasound cavitation head to break the fat cells. It shakes the base, which makes the coming steps more effective;
-Second, use the multipolar RF head to dissolve the fat further and reduce the size of the fat deposit or the cellulite, which makes the result visible instantly;
-Third, use the lipolaser pads to decompose fat stuff further;
-Fourth, use the cryolipolysis vacuum heads to freeze the fat deposit until the fat cells are killed, which makes the results last long. With the previous 3 steps done(or partly done), the cryolipolysis freezing will be much easier to definitely kill fat cells.

What is Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Treatment? Does it work? Is it safe?
Cryolipolysis is an FDA approved fat loss treatment differing from liposuction, cavitation, Ultrasound Lipolysis or RF. Cryolipolysis utilizes cold temperature selectively effecting on targeted fat deposit. By refrigerating it closely to freezing point(0℃) and even lower, the fat cells will be frozen to microcrystal and become dead(non-bioactive). Cryolipolysis fat cool sculpting treatment is safe because the freezing is only sensitive to fat tissue and it lasts just much enough to destroy(kill) fat cells bioactivities but not yet enough to do harm to other tissues.

How cryolipolysis freezes fat away

While the freezing is working on the targeted fat cells, the sympathetic nerves will compensatorily promote the steatolysis in order to keep the targeted area warmed from being frozen, which instead will result in more fat being metabolised. When the cryolipolysis is fulfilling, a piece of anti-frozen mask will be applied on the targeted tissue, which will protect the dermis layer in low temperature.

Cryolipolysis has frozen fat cells away

The treatment probe of the cryolipolysis machine includes vacuum suctioning. The excess fatty skin tissue is sucked in the treatment probe and refrigenated gradually by the cooling plates inside, which turns the liquid Triglycerides in fat cells into solid(microcrystals). It will be cleared away from the body by macrophages naturally in the following 2 to 3 months. The system has 3 sizes of cryolipolysis sculpting probes. According to the parts they suction and pull up, they will fit for the operation on different areas, which makes the machine more user-friendly to freeze fat away.


Cryolipolysis before after 1

Cryolipolysis before after 2

Cryolipolysis before after 3


Cryolipolysis treatment, as a high-tech weight loss method can reduce the fat deposit on tummy, love handles, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, shoulders, back, waist, bulge scar on cesarean incision, etc. Cryolipolysis has been approved by FDA in fat loss as well as the applications in dermatology treatment with cooling. It has been widely used in Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania in the past ten years.


As an FDA approved treatment and technology, Cryolipolysis treatment is safe and painless. Patients will feel mild cold and stolid on treatment area as like as using the ice pack. Cryolipolysis treatment is not invasive nor surgical. Anaesthesia is not involved, either. It is safe and effective. The temporary side effect includes redness, minor bruise, cramping, tingling or numbness on treatment areas. It will disappear soon in the coming days. Clients feel leisure and comfortable during the treatment process. It has no affecting on daily life and work. There's no downtime at all.


Cryolipolysis is FDA approval and safe

Cryolipolysis is safe without side effects

Cryolipolysis is non surgical fat removal treatment

Cryolipolysis treatment has no downtime

Unlike other fat loss treatments that require to fulfill frequently, cryolipolysis only needs to fulfill a session every 1 to 3 months to freeze fat away, depending on the diet types and exercises activity of the patients. It is very good news to men who have obesity and not willing to go to the center too much. Combining with other necessary body treatments will help to promote the frozen fat clearance and build up satisfied body shape faster.


Will cryolipolysis fat freezing weight loss treatment rebound?
After being adult, the human body's fat cells amount is fixed. The natural weight gain or loss will be just the change of fat cells volume, being larger or smaller, but the fat cells amount will remain the same. Cryolipolysis sculpting will freeze the fat cells to microcrystal and killed. The fat cells membrane will break, which will be identified as foreign objects by the immune system and will draw the macrophages to come and clear it. This process will clear the entire frozen fat cells. The fat cells amount will decrease and the body will no longer regenerate it, which means the fat cells amount will be less and less session by session. If the patients don't go with a healthy lifestyle after finishing the treatment, they are probable to get fat deposit again by the remaining fat cells and those fat cells will become larger in volume. However, the increase in volume is less than the decrease in amount. So this kind of "rebound" is obviously far less severe than those real rebounds. This is why cryolipolysis fat freezing is not rebound and it is an effective method to keep you away from being obesity.


Technical Parameters
-Voltage: 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
-Power: 500 W
-Temperature: 0℃, -10℃, -15℃
-Max Vacuum: 650mmHg-87kPa
-Cryo Heads Sizes: (Large)20x9cm, (Medium)16x8cm,(Small)10x6cm
-Working Mode: Large+Medium, Large+Small, Large, Medium, Small
-Packaging Size: 68 x 63 x 135 cm
-G.W.: 80 kg



Warranty Information

1-year Warranty

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  1. awesome 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Feb 2019

    was worried as its first time pay a large amount to them. so I require them to take video show me the condition of my machine. wow they did it before packaging. its a huge relief to me. finally I also get several anti frozen masks for free. impressive service. the machine is really nice I love it

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