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Ultrasound Cavitation Vacuum Tripolar Radio Frequency BIO Slimming Machine

  • Cavitation Radio Frequency Vacuum Slimming Machine
  • Cavitation RF Vacuum Microcurrent Heads
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Product Description

Item Name: 5-in-1 Multifunctional Fat Reduce and Skin Lift Machine


Item No.: SE-C87


1. 40KHz Strong Ultrasound Cavitation Nonsurgery Liposuction
2. Vacuum Body Curve Sculpting & Fat Redistribution
3. Six-polar Radio Frequency Diathermal Fat Dissolve & Collagen Promote
4. Tripolar RF Facial Skin Tightening & Lifting
5. BIO Microcurrent Facials


What else results can this system gain?
-Oily problem, Pores, Sagging Jowl, Crow's feet, Turkey neck, Cellulite bumps & lumps, Orange peels, Stretch marks, Sagging butts, Love handles, Beer belly, Sagging body skin.


This treatment is considered as non-surgical liposuction treatment because it can remove fat without invading any tissue. Everything is operated just on the surface of the skin. Before the treatment, conductive gel should be applied on the targeted area. It helps with the lubrication and the penetration. (The skin care gels are of this type) Usually, patients should take a full session every 7 to 10 days in order to gain results.


-40KHz Strong Ultrasound Cavitation Nonsurgery Liposuction
Cavitation theory is that the strong ultrasound penetrates to among the fat tissue and generate numerous "air pockets" by micro-vibration(in the frequency of 40kHz) which causes unbalanced pressure in and out aroundthe fat cells membrane and leads to the membrane break. This effect will release the triglyceride and it will disintegrate into glycerol and free fatty acids. Those substance will be cleared away gradually by metabolism. All this process is completely physical effect. The ultrasound cavitation will break the stubborn fat deposit and destroy the cellulite structure.

How ultrasound cavitation reduce fat

-Vacuum Body Curve Sculpting & Fat Redistribution
The vacuum power can pull up the tissue and move it back and forth while you slide along over the body surface. This process can relocate and nest the fat cells evenly so that the cellulite loose structure is perfectly filled up and becomes tidy and neat. By doing this operation, you can also mobilize the fat cells to next body part so that you can build up a nice body curve. The vacuuming process can also promote collagen which helps nesting fat and smoothing bumps and lumps and orange peel.

How vacuum treatment redistribute fat

-Six-polar Radio Frequency Diathermal Fat Dissolve & Collagen Promote
Six polars RF is defined as multipolar RF. It fits for the usage on the body because it has more RF prongs so that the penetration area is larger and deeper. The radio frequency wave penetrates through the skin and gets to the fat deposit level beneath dermis. The radio frequeny wave goes back and forth among each RF prong in the frequency of 5MHz. The molecules been through will attain the energy from this motion and then transform to "Friction Heat". The heat energy will accelerate the fat dissolving and the blood circulation for clearing away the fat decomposition. The RF heat energy can also promote collagen and elastin fiber, which will help to nest the fat and compact cellulite structure. All these results make you slim and toned, and make the cellulite look less noticeable.

How multipolar RF treatment works on fat reduce

-Tripolar RF Facial Skin Tightening & Lifting
Tripolar RF is the same technology as multipolar RF. Compare to multipolar RF, the tripolar RF penetration is not as deep and wide. It mainly reaches to dermis level, so it fits for the use for facial and specify for skin problems. The RF motion also transforms to friction heat among the dermis. The elastin fiber and collagen will re-order and contract instantly. This action will also promote more collagen regeneration to make the face being filled up. All these effects will contribute to face lift and smooth wrinkle.

-BIO Microcurrent Facials
The BIO facelift wands generate low-current electricity that is imitating the bioelectricity to regulate, heal and restore the cells, making them more permeable, allowing them to move nutritions and wastes and toxins more effeciently so that the cells become energetic and anti aging.

The BIO Microcurrent Facials therapy benefits include: oil control, tighten and firm face skin, face lift, facial muscle toning and relax, reduce wrinkle, smooth fine lines, help with hypersensitive and redness, etc.


Technical Parameters
-Voltage: 110V/60Hz, 220-240V/50Hz
-Power: 100 W
-Package Size: 52 x 47 x 47 cm
-G.W.: 17 kg



Warranty Information

1-year Warranty

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Product Reviews

  1. Awesome five stars 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Feb 2017

    Very good system

  2. Great 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jan 2017

    I bought se-44 a year ago now this one. I am happy to know I made the right choice to invest the money as this unit is more useful. I wish you sell more lipo laser machines. I will need it too. Thank you.

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