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Which is better? Pressotherapy VS Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage


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Pressotherapy is known as "Mechanical" MLD(manual lymphatic drainage). But which one is better and more applicable?

The manual lymphatic drainage massage usually has low pressure about 7-15 mmHg(we are just human being after all). This pressure is just too mild to improve cellulite and phlebeurysma on lower limbs.

Instead, the pressotherapy beauty instrument, by wearing the inflatable pressotherapy suit, can deliver 100-120 mmHg pressure to the body. It significantly improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and venous return, muscle relaxing, cellulite, phlebeurysma, vessel thrombosis and promote water retention.

The pressotherapy beauty machine also has far infrared technology. The FIR energy will activate the cell regeneration and metabolism, improve sweating and speed up fat reduction.

Pressotherapy is really a comprehensive weight loss slimming and health care treatment.

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