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Differences: Ultrasound Cavitation Lipo VS Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing, which works better in weight loss?

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Cryolipolysis and Cavitation Reviews

It is no doubt that both technologies are well-known and widely used in the beauty industry. There have been so many positive comments on the results achieved. Both technologies are FDA approved on the effectiveness in fat reduce and weight loss. Comparing their difference does not aim to find out which one is overriding the other. Instead, it is more meaningful to find out which treatment is more suitable to what cases and whether or not can they combine using and how.

cryolipolysis cavitation treatment before after

What is Ultrasound Cavitation treatment and how it works?

Cavitation, also known as Fat Cavitation or Cavitation Liposuction, utilizes low frequency ultrasound(ranging from 28 to 42kHz, usually around 40kHz) to penetrate to the fat deposit tissue beneath the dermis layer. Ultrasound frequency around 40kHz is not sensitive to tissue like epidermis, dermis, muscle or bone, but it is sensitive to fat tissue. The 40kHz ultrasound will resonate with the fat cells membrane and destroy the entire fat cells. This is so called "Cavitation" effect. The broken fat cells pieces and the contents are identified by the immune system. The macrophages cells will come to clear the pieces and the released free fatty acid will be drained to blood circle and decomposed in the liver.

How ultrasound cavitation lipo remove fat

-How it feels like

Most customers would feel a ringing in the head while the Cavitation handpiece is working on the targeted area. There's no pain but as the Cavitation operation is going, the operated area would feel some tiny warm. But sometimes it may be be felt depending on the esthetican's skills.

ultrasound cavitation feels like ringing in the head

-Cavitation treatment Advantages

This treatment method is non-invasive, no pain, no anaesthesia involved, no down time needed, no side effects. It can be used on localised fat tissue targets purposely so as to build up a curvy body contour while the total weight is reduced. For example, if the customer wants to reduce the waist circumference and sizes of thighs while she wants to keep the buttocks chubby, Cavitation Lipo treatment can do it.

how cavitation lipo builds up your body contour

What is Cryolipolysis Fat freezing and how it works?

The Cryolipolysis is using low temperature(+5 to -15 Celsius degrees) to freeze the fat cells. It is a temperature range that is properly freeze the fat cells to dead(non-bioactive) but still no harm to other tissue(dermis, muscle, fascia) yet. The frozen fat cells will be identified by the macrophages cells and be cleared away bit by bit.

how cryolipolysis fat freezing works

-How it feels like?

Customers would feel mild freezing on the targeted tissue. Right after the treatment, the skin of the targeted area would feel numb for a while. It is the typical reaction of cooling treatments. The reaction will disappear very soon.

how cryolipolysis treatment feels like

-Cryolipolysis Advantages

It is also non-surgical, no anaesthesia involved and no down time needed. Most customers would feel tiny freezing on the targeted area during the treatment proess and it will turn red for a few hours right after the treatment. Usually no need to take care of it as it will go away naturally. Cryolipolysis can be used on a certain targeted area with unwanted fat deposit such as the abdomen, tummy, flanks, thighs, waist, etc. So for example, if someone has fat deposit just on the tummy and the other area like the legs, arms are all good enough, then he is worthy to use Cryolipolysis to freeze the tummy fat away without disturbing the other area of the body.

cryolipolysis tummy fat reduce

Differences Between Cavitation and Cryolipolysis----How to select?

As described above, Cryolipolysis and Cavitation are not overriding each other. If one of them can deal with all cases, the other one would not have been invented. So comparing the differences is more significant to learn in what cases to use which treatment in order to optimize the results.

combine cryolipolysis and cavitation for better results

1. Differences in Fat Loss Theory

Cavitation utilizes 40kHz ultrasound wave to break the fat cells and the Cryolipolysis uses controlled low temperature(closing to 0 Celsius degree) to freeze fat away.

ultrasound cavitation operation instruction

2. Differences in Feelings to the treatment

Ultrasound Cavitation treatment will feel a ringing in the head during the operation. It feels like traveling through a tunnel by train. It stops one the Cavitation handpiece is out of touch from the skin. And Cryolipolysis treatment will feel mild cold and numb on the targeted tissue area. It will recover in a few hours. Both treatments are no harmful.

cryolipolysis fat freezing operation instruction

3. Differences in Instand and Further Results

Ultrasound Cavitation results are visible right after each session. It comes fast. As the body needs quite a while to clear the frozen fat cells, Cryolipolysis results will take some times to come up.

cryolipolysis cavitation which one works faster

4. Differences in Treatment Course

Cavitation results come fast but it is not always durable so more sessions are required to fulfill. And Cryolipolysis results come not as fast but the results are much more durable. Accordingly, fewer sessions will be enough to maintain.

cavitation cryolipolysis treatment results

5. Differences in Operating Skills

Cavitation handpiece requires to move by certain gestures in order to focus the ultrasound energy on every inch of the targeted fat tissue. And Cryolipolysis handpiece doesn't require to move around on the skin. It only requires to be fixed on the very targeted fat tissue until the treatment minute is up.

ultrasound cavitation operation instruction

6. Differences in Indication

Both Cavitation and Cryolipolysis are suitable for remove localised fat to body contour rebuilding. Both are possible to just reduce fat on a certain area without affecting the overall fat metabolism of the body. If someone has stubborn fat deposit and fail from exercising, either method will help. Both treatments are available to men and women, but according to the real situation, more women would choose Cavitation treatment and more men would choose Cryolipolysis. Survey shows that women are more enjoy going to a SPA or clinic just like part of their lifestyle and men find it less interesting than their online games. Women obviously emphasize more on body curve and Cavitation is easier and faster to build it for them.

cryolipolysis fat freezing operation instruction

Most men don't enjoy going to the clinic or SPA unless they have to go by no means(It is positively one of the reasons that they become fat). Cryolipolysis requires less sessions(men: Wow! Yeah!). Unlike women, the men don't need to build up soft contouring(which still needs some fat). Most men will feel satisfied once they reduce their tummy size. Cryolipolysis will completely do that. And the men can still playing games on their smart phones during the fat freezing process.

cryolipolysis fat freezing operation instruction

What will happen if "Cavitation + Cryolipolysis" instead of "Cavitation VS Cryolipolysis"?

Combining Cavitation and Cryolipolysis is exactly what we highly recommend. Each customers have the same purpose: reduce the fat and reduce it fast and durably. After compairing both treatment, we understand that Cavitation reduce fat fast and Cryolipolysis keeps the fat reduced durably. So combining both treatments will make the fat loss results come faster and more durable.

cavitation cryolipolysis combine treatment results

What is the proper sequence while using both Cavitation and Cryolipolysis?

The correct sequence is First to use Cavitation to break fat and Second to use Cryolipolysis to freeze it. Please do not use them reversely. Otherwise the Cavitation will help nothing.

cryolipolysis plus cavitation results

You may worry that you have to own a Cavitation machine and a Cryolipolysis machine first when you want to combine both treatments. This will cost more of your investment, right? In fact, there're new systems that integrates both Cavitation and Cryolipolysis features. Only one machine will fulfill both treatments. 

Click/Tap the following images to check the details of the CaviCryo machines.

SE-66 Cryolipolysis Cavitation RadioFrequency Lipo Laser Machine         SE-69 Cryolipolysis Cavitation RadioFrequency Machine

SE-67 Cryolipolysis Cavitation RadioFrequency Machine         SE-68 Cryolipolysis Cavitation RadioFrequency Machine

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